2 months to go (NOV 18th)

2 months to go (NOV 18th)

>no starter evos
>grand total of 16 pokemon shown
>three version exclusives known
>ONE (1) regional form shown and its literally pooper

I have never been less hype at this point guys.

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>he wants it all spoiled before release
God I fucking hate zoomers so much it hurts.


I want to make an informed purchase you gamefreak ass sucker.

I'll be spoiling the whole game for you a week early, don't worry.

spoil it now please

Serious question: Have starter evos ever officially been revealed two months before a game release before

People will say we're wanting the whole game spoiled but let's be honest the marketing has been shit. We know all the pokemon through leaked information and there is most definitely better promo pokemon they could have chosen than these shitters. At this point I doubt they will show a single paradox mon or cross gen evo before release

DP didn't spoil them until after the game released
BW spoiled it the same month it released
XY spoiled it a month before release
SM spoiled it a month before release
SS didn't spoil them until after the game released

so no

what about leaks?

That's what I thought. I've seen so many zoomers complaining we don't have starter evos yet when they've never been officially shown this early. Doesn't make any sense to me

>People will say we're wanting the whole game spoiled but let's be honest the marketing has been shit.

This is exactly why I'm needing something revealed. This has been the worst marketing season. I just want a reason to be hype like Drampa in SuMo, or Duraludon in SwSh, Give me something goddamn.

>I want to make an informed purchase
It's Pokemon, since day one they've been rushed pieces of shit that you buy because you can't help but give GameFreak more money.

Duraludon is a shit design

I don’t care whether or not I get the entire game spoiled (tho I’d prefer to stay in the dark plot-wise) but we’ve seen so few Pokemon when they’re pretty central to the entire fucking game. Wanting to know at least that much of the game shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing when it’s literally just wanting to make an informed decision about purchasing a $60 game. Only a moron would blindly buy the game just because it’s Pokemon.

The only feature we still haven't seen is the picnic thing so I reckon that will get it's own dedicated trailer in October. This game should be a big deal for the series but it feels like such a nothingburger. Even Legends I was always cautious of at least sparked some curiosity and surprise. This is shitty generic Ohmori game

When was the last time they showed starter evos before launch?

Hopefully they will reveal the second stage of starters next month

There's been nothing to suggest those leaks are accurate though. No videos, no in depth datamining; just hearsay.

The evidence has been official information matching up with the leaks.

yes i fucking do they have shown fuck all

>Complains about Zoomers wanting more info on the new games
>Forgets that Japanbros would leak the contents of every single game from gen 1-5 prior to western release. Sometimes almost a year in advance.

You must be a zoomer yourself user, because knowing the whole game 4-6 months ahead of time (with sprite rips and everything) use to be the norm before simul releases