How did they fuck up so many things in Gen I?

How did they fuck up so many things in Gen I?

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the coders all left midway through development so masuda had to Learn to Code so the game wouldn't get cancelled
They actually were a smarr indie studio back then

>zoomer learns games have bugs for the first time

small indie company working past schedule and over budget on an extremely underpowered console that only accepted code written in assembly
gen 1 doesn't get enough credit for the fact that it's almost impossible to make it crash

>zoomer tries to fit in by accusing his elders of being zoomers

unironically small indie studio

Big gaem on tiny cartridge

Small indie company please understand except unironically

A move doing the exact opposite of what it's supposed to do is more than just a bug.

no it isn't, do you even know what a bug is?

It was a passion project. They literally didn't have the people and once someone thought it would make a good anime, they didn't have the time either.

As others have pointed out, RG were made by like 7 people who were literally learning to code as they went, and were working unpaid overtime out the wazoo just to make actually finishing the game feasible. The small indie company excuse unironically applies here, nobody ACTUALLY hates on gen 1 for being buggy even if we all admit it's a genuine flaw, because it's understandable given the circumstances of it's creation

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small indie company please understand is a good excuse here

not only small indie company, but pokemon was very ambitious, there were not many games of it's scope on the gameboy
and yes it was nearing the end of it's lifetime but still, it's one of the largest games on the system

there weren't many games of its scope in general desu

you did have large rpg's on the SNES which inspired pokemon

yeah and those were pretty much the only games bigger than pokemon

They replaced a number with 4 thinking it'd increase by 4/1 but it increased it by 1/4
A very simple bug actually

they didn't have the same dev tools back then and literally had to code shit down to the actual binary switches on the cart at times

its gen 1. crits are based on shit like speed and you can just razor leaf everything. It is hardly the most game breaking bug in a game with the most chad hyperbeam

that's literally what would constitute a bug but shit if I'm not curious what you think a bug is