How would you fix Appletun?

How would you fix Appletun?

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by making it not a branch evolution. Flapple is fine on its own

How does this help Appletun?

Calm Mind + Flamethrower

Flapple looks like a mid evo

give it earth power

with a big COCK in his boy hole!

Just make the weird pie back look less creepy looking

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Why would I fix something perfect?

With a knife

Love this motherfucker, but make the eyes his ears. That's literally it.

you don't he's perfection

I actually lov'im. What a good boy. This is peak pokemon or monster if you ask me

Turn it's pie body into a giant apple "shell" like it wears on it's head.

Then maybe it could live for longer than a day outside of a refrigerator.

this. also make the eyes ears

I'd probably add a ring around it's back. So the crust isn't just a few strips on it's spine.
Emphasise the whole lump back as a syrup sack, camel lump style.
Other than that it's pretty cute.
Kinda like this yer. But it's make the crust ring more pronounced.

His apple hat needs a topper, like a little branch/leaf. Would be extra cute.

But he's fine as he is. Cute boy.

do nothing

>final form pokemon
>sub 500 bst
what a joke

Not every Pokemon has 500 total stats...

They should