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Who the fuck likes Jynx

No one ever liked Jynx. Not even niggers want it as representation they thirst for.


We've already had this thread in 1978

I like Jynx. It makes SJWs fucking rage, it's based as shit.

>makes SJWs rage
Only back in 1998

They only stopped seething because they successfully retconned her color user

It's still one of, if not the, ugliest designs in the franchise and if OP thinks deflecting to her is a good way to defend Humanmons he's a retard

Shadow jynx was cool, purple muppet isn’t.
I get what you mean. There’s no charm. It just exists and is a cool guy

Isn't it the most popular Pokemon in the Congo.

>It's still one of, if not the, ugliest designs in the franchise
she was way better black

Mr Popo

I like her. Ice stab makes her a good glass cannon.

solid pokemon in gen 1 and 2


I like Jynx.

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you don't count as a person

Jynx is like one of two Pokemon species with canon big breasts, so it works.

jynx is one of those genwun mons i never see brought up
though i liked using it for its unique typing, would always trade a poliwhirl for one in RBY

Purple jynx is not okay, no. Doesn't look monstrous enough. Black Jynx looks great, though.

They both suck