ITT we buff shit abilities

>Leaf Guard
>Currently only prevents Status in Sunlight
Now also boosts your defenses by 50% in sunlight, basically negating the extra damage you would take from Fire type attacks in the Sun, therefore removing the negative synergy with Sun whilst also helping you to be more defensive in general.

So now many Pokemon would have choice between Defense buff or Speed buff in sunlight, especially nice together with the added bonus of being able to use Solar Blade/Beam in 1 turn and the 75% Synthesis Healing.

Posting more in a bit.

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That's still kind of shit. Most Pokemon with Leaf Guard aren't really good on sun teams one way or another. Sun is an offensive playstyle, nobody would bother with defensive Pokemon that would just run out the Drought clock.

Sniper : now when a Pokémon strikes with a critical hit, the damage is multiplied by 2

I hope the gay rabbit will be nerfed too

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Truant: If attacked during idle turn, attack and special attack go up by one stage.

>Currently 30% chance of curing adjacent Ally's Status condition every turn
Now 50% chance and not just status but also 25% of the Ally's HP.

Suddenly shitmons like Audino and Alomomola are looking much better.
And Aromatisse's Aroma Veil and Hatterene's Magic Bounce would have some competition instead of being no brainers.

Speaking from mainly VGC players perspective here btw.

Also maybe someone could come up with some buffs for these abilities: Anticipation, Hydration, Forewarn, Pastel Veil, Stench, Tangled Feet, Steadfast, Early Bird

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>And Aromatisse's Aroma Veil and Hatterene's Magic Bounce would have some competition instead of being no brainers.
No, now Healer is the default ability for any Pokemon with Healer in Doubles.
You just made an automatic Jungle Healing. That’s so insanely good in Doubles there is no reason to use Magic Bounce or Aroma Veil. A bulky attacking teammate is now basically unkillable with every other turn healing it by 25%

>poison touch
100% Poison from contact moves
>magma armor
Water moves immunity, raises defense but lowers speed when hit by a water move

>Honey Gather

If this Pokemon is the first Pokemon in your party, there's a higher chance of rarer encounters in Honey Trees.

Also specifically reverses Combee's gender ratio.

>Also maybe someone could come up with some buffs for these abilities: Anticipation, Hydration, Forewarn, Pastel Veil, Stench, Tangled Feet, Steadfast, Early Bird
Let me try:

Also negates the first super-effective move used against it until it switches out.
>Early Bird
Also gains +2 Speed whenever it wakes up.
Psychic moves also gain +1 priority.
Halves the power of other Pokémon's Psychic and Ghost moves. Based on connecting the JP name あくしゅう (literally "Evil Odour", but could also be read as "Vice") with the Dark type.

Stench could go a bit further and just be a substitute Dark type down to Psychic immunity and negating Prankster.

Aside from preventing exploding moves and abilities while on the field, this ability now also prevents Water-type moves from being powered down during harsh sunlight.

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Why and how

Pokemon can still move on the turn they loaf around, but they have -8 priority on any move they do

Stall with extra steps?

During the Loafing Around turn, moves associated with such a state (Slack Off, Rest, Yawn, etc) can still be used.

When the user faints as a result of direct damage from an attack (regardless of the attack making contact or not), it will automatically trigger the move explosion. The user's Atk will be used to calculate damage, so it is affected by stat changes, burn and choice band. It will not affect ghost types. As usual, the ability fails if any pokemon with damp is present.
It now identifies super-effective moves by type (i.e.: "a fire move caused ferrothorn to shudder!"), but not by name or by what pokemon has them (for the purpose of double/triple battles) to keep a bit of a guessing game still. It will now also identify multiple super-effective moves if they're of different types, going by order of how effective they are, accounting for effects like forest's curse or soak.
>Ball Fetch
On top of its current effects, it will now automatically return all ball moves (electro ball, energy ball, gyro ball, ice ball, mist ball, pyro ball, shadow ball and weather ball) back to their original user. For example, it will cause cinderace to be hit by its own pyro ball; however, it can also backfire if yamper uses electro ball for whatever reason.

It now has a "charge" minigame built into it. Rather than a simple boost of 30%, it starts boosting allies' special attacks by 50% on the first turn, then 25% on the next, 12.5%, 6.25%, 3.125 and then finally no boost after 5 consecutive turns. The battery resets if the user switches out, uses the move charge or is hit by an electric attack (or thunder wave). If the user is under the effects of electric terrain, the boost will consistently remain 50% while the terrain lasts.
It now boosts the user's highest offensive stat rather than SpAtk exclusively. Once berserk activates at least once, the user becomes immune to flinching or the effects of intimidate until it switches out again. (BONUS: replace perrserker's battle armor with berserk)
>Big Pecks
It now prevents the lowering of both Def AND SpDef stats. It passively boosts the power of the moves peck, drill peck and pluck by 50%

>Color Change
Whenever it activates, it will cause all of the user's normal moves to become the new type and gain a 20% boost in power like if the user had an -ate ability.
Whenever it activates, it doubles the user's Def and SpDef simultaneous to halving its Atk and SpAtk.
>Early bird
On top of its current effects, the user always moves first within its priority bracket on the turn it wakes up (after all, the early bird DOES get the worm)

>Emergency Exit
Whenever it activates, the user gets to make a move before it's forced to switch out.
>Flare Boost
Now a fire-type version of Storm Drain. All fire-type attacks are redirected towards the user, which absorbs them to gain SpAtk boosts. The user absorbs will-o-wisp, but it's NOT immune to the burn status condition caused via other means, like scald or flame orb. If the user is burned, its speed is permanently boosted by 50% unless the burn is healed.
>Flower Gift
Now boosts the user and its allies' highest offensive and defensive stats, instead of always Atk and SpDef, so it can be paired with physical or special synergies.

The user now gains a 50% chance to dodge any move revealed by this ability, even if the revealed move ignores accuracy checks. The effect is negated by no guard.
Now reveals all opponents' items in double and triple battles.
>Grass Pelt
It now boosts both Def AND SpDef in grassy terrain.

>Tangled Feet
When a physical contact move is used on this pokemon, the user has a 30% chance of becoming confused. In double battles, additionally prevents allies from becoming confused.

>Emergency Exit
What if emergency exit acted the same as baton pass? just a thought