What happened to its face? It doens't like a fox anymore

What happened to its face? It doens't like a fox anymore

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uguuu uwu kawaii desu culture

>Any Forums user actually doesn't know what perspective is
i can't believe these are the retards i argue with every day
the absolute state of this board

god, the pokémon literally just used to look better

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Tell me another joke. All angles of Vulpix face are like this

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They realized that making everything look like a squished face anime girl sells more merch.


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They wanted to make it more fuckable

Because all cute anime characters are just blobs.


Well they failed then.

Both are cute, what's the issue?

Everything returns to rotundness user. It's primal, so you wouldn't understand.

Autism: the thread

Retard is malding art styles evolve. Which is fucking hilarious, 'cause if they didn't, every cartoon today would be done in the cave painting style of our earliest ancestors.

the board

It doesn't have a snout.
Even turned to the side, its nose is much smaller.

It's like how they ruined Pikachu. They made them less animal-like and more anthropomorphic so they can do shit like make mascot costumes out of them.

Eevee also really got weird during Let's Go.

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Changing a face shape is not an evolution in style, you dolt.

lol they realized people preferred vulpix face looking up so they changed it to its permanent face
flanderization everyone

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They want to please furries.

For whatever reason Alolan Ninetales has the opposite going on in the anime. It looks more animalistic like regular Ninetales opposed to the cute "humanized" face it has in the games.

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No, it has an extremely short snout, like it's brachycephalic, or spectacularly underdeveloped.

I'm not a furry so I never studied snouts and snout angles.

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works for me
maybe you're gay?

>made it look retarded

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Pikachu looks like a moeblob anime girl kek

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damn that's such a huge fucking improvement

you are not a real person

Foxes are retarded

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