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>another kricketune
>another gigalith
>another orbeetle
>another dark mammal
>another dragon pseudo

Why are types in the pastebin not in any of the dex images?

Because no one wants to make new infographics. It's a shame.

Is Rhyperior in?

These threads are always the same since a few weeks, no leaks, only people posting their teams full of Pokemon that we only know from broken english riddles and "leaks". What is the point? They will not looks like what you except. These leakers keep everything for themselves and only leak nonsensical details with their own words to get as much attention as possible until the release. It is sad but at least they will be irrelevant in 2 months, can't wait.


>always the same since a few weeks
>uses his own broken English whilst moaning about others

What are the "story spoilers" I'm hearing buzz about?

>ad hominem
Disprove a single thing they said, I dare you

Why can't you put an updated chart for once user?

Is Illumise in?

Grass is my favorite type and I'm very happy with Gen 9, so many great combos, I have a good feeling about the Tumbleweed

Is lumineon in?


Why didn't you post one?

Not the person who started the thread, but I am the maker of the image, here´s an update, nothing changed except that I added water-psychic to the ¨Hake¨ fish, made the perils more specific, and changed pepper to Habanero Kappa. I´m honestly still confused wtf the regional bird is supposed to be. I hope this one has no errors.

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>I´m honestly still confused wtf the regional bird is supposed to be.
I think "waterfowl" is probably still applicable

also just some critique: you misspelled Smoliv, and I think you could probably make a better distinction with pre-evos that have yet to be revealed, like instead of

>Cetitan 2

it could be

>Cetitan 1

just to make things easier to follow. same with Grafaiai


Big if screw..

>Imagine its new function growing on body.
So now it will be screwing Jasmine for real...