So whats in store for her?

So whats in store for her?

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Great suffering. They should've made a good zorro pokemon but all we get is furry trash

Barafags already got their Bara-cat from Incineroar, and Gen 8 had no waifu starters just two twinks and a bara. Waifufags are due so Sprig will be a Waifu-cat.


"Her" lol

A garbage evolution that's shilled extremely hard for one gen then thrown in the trash instantly when it fails to take off, like cindertoilet.

how do people like these creatures? Their shit smells awful and they damage furniture

that's not a bara, retard.

How does anyone like no-mans? They smell like diarrhea mixed to estrogen, are ugly and deformed, behave and think unnaturally, are antisocial and damage everything possible under their goblin hands

I'll take a cat over you any day. But cats and dogs are already inbred subhuman deviations. Big canines and big felines are the real deal

Getting high.

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It's a cat not a fox.
It sounds like we're getting an Arsene Lupin starter.

Why the fuck would they have mexican batman as a pokémon in pokéspain, you smooth brained fucker.

That's a problem stemming for keeping them in apartments and not allowing them free-roam of natural spaces.

>not allowing them free-roam of natural spaces
that's the whole point of having pets

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I don’t know. I wanted a waifumon but all the girls shown in this gen are so fucking trash and/or dykish that I really don’t want it to be that anymore. I can’t bare to see how they’d fuck up something that should’ve been pretty easy.

Give her the B

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It doesnt matter if they make it a waifumon or make it ugly as a sin, it will get lewded to death by rule 34 and Twatter """Artists"""
I swear the game is not even released and this thing already have more porn than every gen 6 girls combined (except maybe Serena)

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every shit smells awful to be fair

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