Really makes you think

Really makes you think...

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I always liked them. People that hate them usually don't get the concept despite it being obvious.

Fake person, meds now

the new one is much more charateristic

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He's right

Enlighten us on this genius concept.

Try browsing anything that isn't Any Forums you fucking retards

nobody said about hisusan voltrob, and voltrob electrode are lazy dogshit designs

>Outing yourself as a redditor
Kek too easy, time to go back tho

Considering how often you call things you don't like "reddit" you must know everything about it.

It's a small change, but making hisuian Voltorb seem more happy and friendly really made it feel like a new pokemon
... and then hisuian Electrode became angry again and ruined it.

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lol nice comeback

a rare case of old = soulless, new = soul

I like variants and all but not a fan of adding a type to an old monotype mon making the old one even more unviable ala Muk vs A-Muk.
Admittedly no one was using Electrode and Muk beforehand but now they never will just use their new supped up version that is direct upgrade worried about Donphan.

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It's a mimic you pseud

I look like this and I say this.

Shills aren't against genwunners.

Both versions are pretty okay. Gen 1 has way worse designs.

Nobody says this and looks like this. Meds.