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So how the fuck are we supposed to play

Rentals only, please understand.

>dump save
>load up pkhex
>transfer mon to any game I want
hacked switch bros we always winning

Rentals duh


The Pokemon Home developers deadass said "we can't figure this one out"

oh shit
Emulators can do this, wtf Nintendo

Don't the rental Pokemon in the Stadium games have shitty stats?

You can beat Round 1 with them, but 2 it's almost impossible.

It took them many months to figure out how to transfer between an app they developed and a game they developed and they still fucked up Spinda and Shedinja

They really are just releasing Nintendo 64 games with no regard for larger features of them, just like how you can't save ghost data for Mario Kart 64.

>And Shedinja
I know how they fucked up Spinda, but what happened with Shedinja?

They're billing Goldeneye as "with online," but it's 100% going to just be 10fps splitscreen.
The anti-cloning marks Shedinja as a clone.

Sorry, I mean Nincada. Nincada can't be put into BDSP from Home presumably due to conflicting ID values due to the dupe checker in bdsp

soon nintendo will add a gameboy collection for an extra $50 a year and you'll be able transfer pokemon from red and blue to stadium.

How the fuck are you supposed to even complete the game with just rentals? You can’t even do that in Battle Revolution

>Emulators can do this
Not with HOME
Retrofitting can be really asinine for stuff like this, especially for a pre-Fairy game

>especially for a pre-Fairy game
Types aren't stored in the Pokemon data file.

>How the fuck are you supposed to even complete the game with just rentals?
It's absolutely possible. I've seen a streamer do it before.

But how long has said file remained the same? No earlier than gen 3 I'd imagine, as that's when DVs and Stat XP became IVs and EVs.
Sure, DVs are simple enough to double/halve (that's why Leon's Charizard has 30 IVs instead of 31) but good luck with properly converting Stat XP to EVs again let alone the other way around.

What, you want to play with the pokemon you OWN? That's not a sign of happiness.

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It would totally be possible to let Bank/Transporter move stuff into a Stadium-only box, but that would require a small amount of effort.

hahahahaha I've been telling you fuckers since people the fucking Wii eShop that Stadium without the ability to plug in the games is fucking worthless.

Why do you want to take the shitty rentals?

>Rentals only Stadium
oh fucking boy

You guys seriously expect the Stadium games, games that only connected to the first two gens, to connect to Pokemon Home, a piece of software that stores Pokemon from gens 8 and above?

What they should've done is announced they're also bringing Gameboy games to Nintendo Switch Online including the first two gens of Pokemon, and say your saved progress will connect to the Stadium games.

It's not fun, but it's doable.