Her reputation never recovered

Her reputation never recovered...

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inb4 the schizo talking about hair


It was too perfect, they had to give a MEMORABLE FLAW to make it relatable.

Cool Pokemon aren't allowed to be cool unless they're movie legendaries

but they made him perfect

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>somebody was paid to draw this

>people have jobs
oh wow

baldie's already melting down in this thread, looks like the discord is shook l3l

The gatekeeping retard has arrived

That is why you train your own Kingdra and challenge every league and frontier with it to redeem her once and for all.

kinda hairless

Do you plan on killing yourself anytime soon?


He's male

There's an entire discord raiding group full of bald people who hate being called out, they're insane.

pure schizophrenia
look at this pitiful being

Where does the water come from?
Why would it grow in size if it is expending its own energy?
Does it mean that there is something like mana in that world and those elemental attacks are simply formed out of thin air and not stored in the pokémon itself?
There have been several scenes of electrical types being treated like batteries and getting charged off an outlet, what about here? It implies that it is stored physically and used at will, not that it comes out of their ass from nowhere.
What the fuck, I will never recover from this, it doesn't make sense.

oh no no no

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I wanna see this happen to Cynthia’s tummy!

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You sure ban evasion is the right play, baldo? You might get gatekept again.

oh no no no no no

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Blame the shitty Ashime

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