Biden standing up to the Chinese menace, unlike Drumpf

Biden standing up to the Chinese menace, unlike Drumpf

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A literal house nigger shabbos puppet.

Why would he do this but remove the Trump tarrifs?

>chinese invesments are a national security threat
>illegals flooding the nation is not

He shitted his pant during the speak, the media tries to hide it

Trump did stuff like that too. At least sometimes.

Is he going to sell China 900k barrels of us oil again?

"China can only invest in the massive amounts of bond debt we are printing..."

Now do farmland

Biden removed the tariffs to reduce prices and help cut inflation.

I wish they would define this

He’ll probably just ban them from investing in Q-tip technology so the news can make up a gay headline just before the midterms.

Drumpf talked the talk.. but Biden walks the walk

You chuds can't name a single thing he's done wrong. Not a single thing. You're blaming him for the problems of Putin and Trump.

LMFAO!!!! How are the dems going to spin this after their dragging Trump for his trade war with China?


Chinese money coming into America is the same as illegals flooding it. One is people, the other is monetary.

I doubt it, this admin and all press just lie about shit all day every day, so why would I believe one word ever?

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While selling strategic oil reserves to Chinese firms that give his son billions on wall street. Imagine falling for this lmao

Now do chips

>I wish they would define this

"China can only buy through Hunter Biden supported channels"

He's pushing them into his kickback fund.

He needs to ban China from buying farmland on US soil.

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He removed his tariffs first day in office when inflation hasn't kicked off yet. On top of that, encouraging domestic purchasing and production would help fight inflation better than allowing undermining cheap Chinese products

shower time

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Why spin it. No one pays attention

>actually thinking biden does things
So many retards on pol

Yeah, he's tough on china....

-Selling billions of dollar us reserves to them at an effective discount (oil was cheaper when we bought it)

-Ending Tarrifs that made american labor and manufacturing more competitive

-Making deals through dozens of his sons contacts...

yeah, he's walking the walk - shill

Biden removed the tariffs so he could continue getting kickbacks on illegal deals with foreign agents through his crackhead retard pedophile son

And yet he will be re-elected

That's my President
Much better than globalist shill Zion Don

Biden 2024 trust the plan

- Pipeline
- Sold billions of dollars or reserves to china
- profiting off of kick backs through his sons contacts
- 87k new IRS agents
- Ended tax cuts for the middle class
- persecuting millions of US Citizens
- Harassing parents for not wanting their kids groomed
- Failed to extend child income tax credits
- bailed out the upper class with student loans forgiveness
- literally fucking up the entire economy by pushing for more dependence on china manufactured wind\solar compnents

nigger thats not even half the list.

I think you're thinking of Trump's Israeli investments and his platinum plan and (((Jared Kushner's))) kickbacks

Enjoy your $2000 i5 CPUs and $5000 RTX GPUs.

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Biden also "stood up" to Russia, and look how that turned out. Reminder that every day we're draining the Strategic Reserve more and more and Biden isn't replenishing it.

Sounds pretty based ngl

Why did poo bear not give his crackhead son enough money?

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Course not, rightwingers are doing it