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>shitskins killing shitskins
Don't care

Meh, 3/10 gore vid. Nothing really worth the time or mouse clicks.

>shoved them in her mouth
>no ass

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vid sauce please
for a freind

These days when I see a sentence start with "meh" it's usually going to be followed by weak-ass cuckoldry disguised as jaded objectivity.

It's OK.
Azerbaijan are our guys.
We will look the other way.

>One islamic nation praises another one
Never seen that before, wow

>Dunecoons behaving like animals
Woah stop the fucking presses

turk in berlin

Checked and FPBP

Azerbaijan should be fucking nuked
Turkish Subhumans

Did she ded?

if this happened between ukraine and russia you would see all the normies in the internet seething and literally shaking, but no one will give a fuck about this.

Make better snuff videos, you faggot towel head sand nigger sub-human.

Well I guess there's going to be no peaceful solution.

>balkans are going to shit again but this time with 4K cameras and instant internet uploads
the next couple of years are going to be gruesome. that's the first video that's shocked me in awhile, not so much from the gore, but just seeing the worst parts of war real time

When were you allowed to speak?

putin le bad
muslims cannot be le bad
you have to understand the NPCs

they can do this...but put your bare foot on a dying haji's mouth/face on camera on patrol just once and watch them collectively lose their minds

Armenian isn’t in the Balkans you dumb mutt. Honestly, do Americans even read maps?

bit ironic considering what you do in my country up in the north

>a paragraph of hearsay
>random cunt pic
>on twitter
I mean, could you be more of a faggot?

all americans know are the states if they're lucky otherwise they only know the state they live in and maybe their neighbour states

The state of burger education

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>you will never legally rape a warzone resident as an invader
>you WILL witness your nation be overrun with niggers with welcome arms
>you WILL eat ze bugs and be happy thanks to the 5g rays
>you WILL have a heart attack at 30

I'd say why live, but...

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If russia loses this war I will commit a war crime on the next russian speaker I encounter

russia was supposed to beat globohomo and not lose to a bunch of trannies

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Mohammed trying to slide war crimes kek

Is she going to be ok?

its not like you are defending christian armenia anyway

You can start.

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Half of our parliament is lobbying for Aliyev.
(no one in Germany got persecuted for this, even though the names are all known)
If you weren't such an aggressive asshole, we would not befriend aggressive assholes (jk, of course we would, we love money)

Don't you know the old adage?
>Armenians are jews who followed a rolling coin into a church

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Fuck roaches and mudslimes but Armenians are mongoloid cunts. Azerbijannies need to do some cleanup so the shitty Armenian diaspora can get the wind knocked out of their egos.