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>Germany will deliver 50 Dingo MRAPs, 2 MARS-2 MLRS to Ukraine
>RU missile strike destroyed the Ingulets dam near Kryvyi Rih
>Russian reporting on the AFU breaking through the Russian positions at Davydiv Brid in Kherson Oblast
>Reports of UAF entering Sviatohirsk
>Explosions heard in Rostov Oblast
>Power grid in Kharkiv attacked once again
>Power restored to affected areas in Ukraine
>RU Missile strikes on power grid cause complete blackouts in Kharkiv & Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia, Dnipropetrovsk, Sumy and Belgorod (Russia) also affected
>Reports of Russian forces leaving northern Kharkiv Oblast
>ISW: UAF capture over 3,000km2 since September 6th, more territory than Russian forces have captured since April
>Vasylenkove and Artemivka liberated by UAF
>Explosions in Kherson
>Izium and its leftover RU supplies liberated by UAF
>Fighting in Lyman

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odin.tradoc.army.mil/WEG (equipment explorer)
oryxspioenkop.com/2022/02/attack-on-europe-documenting-equipment.html (RU)
oryxspioenkop.com/2022/02/attack-on-europe-documenting-ukrainian.html (UA)

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Kek at OP image


Remember not to give vatniggers (You)'s

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Kill ziggers

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>yfw your hairline is regroooping to the north



>Ukie Marichka Artists
follow them for more Marichka\good art
>Original creator
>Korzunka Persukiv

>TG channel for Marichka Art dump
>t.me/ FGJTSFazhxg1NzIy

Also now with 2 Sticker packs:

>Marichka Mega

>Cosplayer MEGA/torrent (will be updated into MEGA or bigger torrent by me later)

>Tomboy/Muscle girl Mega

>2D and 3D musclegirls and tomboys, around 1850 files, will add more later

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Unironically why can’t the US and its allies scrape together the hardware to outfit like, 3 new armored divisions for Ukraine, train them up on it - everything from use to maintenance to recon to logistics - over the winter, and just seal the deal on this war early next year.

Nigga I know we can pull together like 900 tanks, 900 IFV’s, 450 APC’s, and 3 collections of SPG’s or motorized artillery

Lets just fuckin do this already we know Russian troops are gonna crumble

Surely there must be a shit ton of soviet surplus tanks andBMP’s out there to use as well from fuckin Bulgaria or Romania or whatever, they dont need to be all Bradleys and Abrams (although I want ABRAMS kino so bad)

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older women don't care so we good

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>Ukrainians and russians are the same people
No, russians are offshot of Slavs that mixed with Finno-ugric natives and got Buck broken by Golden Horde
>Are russians white?
Yes those who are mutts of Slavs/Germans/Balts would be considered white if not for retarded culture
>Russian culture
A meme made by Tsar and later commies for better melting pot, ask any russian what his culture is and you will hear
And never hear about actual non bootlicker parts of their culture.

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Fuck, I ruined my BBQ!

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If they were really that patriotic they'd volunteer for the frontlines desu.

i dont understand how vatnkiks can proclaim with such certainty that kupiansk and izyium arent important. russia relies heavily on rails for supply and they just lost half their fucking supply routes for lugansk. do they actually believe the bullshit they spout? is it some form of schizophrenia?

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One mistake we have made during this war has been framing the conflict internationally as a threat to democracy.
The non-democratic nations of the world don’t care. We should have pushed this as a threat to the sovereignty of all nations.

russian version of history
russian just LARP as the last guy who fucking conquered them, since they cant say they lost.

Most white "russians" are just WW2 German/Slavs/Balts leftovers, USSR was original racemixing melting pot, they have more than 40 years ahead of US mutts, they are unironic Tolkien orcs.

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Top tier

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my sides have regrooped

Dude on right looks like if he was an american he would shoot up a school

yep, they are retarded

They are incapable of admitting a loss

dont think they have enough well trained soldiers for that, and they got a shit ton of stuff from the kharkiv offensive that should last them


So the plan to take the whole of Dombas is dead.
In all the excitement I forgot that Russia had offensive goals at one point.
We're past the stage of ever-diminishing Russian ambitions, not their ambition is to not lose land.

I think that's pretty much what is being done right now.

What the fuck.
Shave your head and grow facial hair.
Yiou can't sport something like that unless you are super rich or career japanese train molester.

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It's just copium. They've staked their whole reputation and ego on being right about Russia winning the war and admitting that they're losing will shatter their fragile egos.

Lend lease starts in october (so unironically in 2 more weeks)

keep laughing but the cauldron is closing. once the sideburns start pushing its over for the crows peak

They also think Russia is a match for NATO and is only being nice.

Yes of course they believe it is a small loss.

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vatniks posting gore because they know what they did in lgbdpr and now are trying to picture ukros as war criminals to blame it on them once they retake lgbdpr
full damage control mode

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Death to all Serbs, no exceptions

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feed me fresh dead vatniks, I have developed a taste for RAF and waginer cadavers

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Thats true they basically have an armored divisions worth of shit from captured Russian stuff alone

I bet all that stuff is in miserable unusuable condition though. It was in Russian hands after all. If Russians could figure out a way to sell off the rifling in their barrels they would


Heeey, my monke saruman meme caught on.

Copeyansk, Seethingrad, Dilatove

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>that pic

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Why is it such a success bros? Full speed ahead we advance daily, cannot stop winning!

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incel phenotype on the right

There's absolutely no panic in Luhansk.

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>Russia is a match for NATO
NATO is handing Ukraine spare surplus and outdated trash and Russia is scared of it like it's wunderwaffe. The fucking HIMARS haven't had a place in NATO doctrine for like 40 years since they've been entirely replace by air-supremacy focused doctrine.

Leave one for Lithuanian

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Imagine the smell

Whatever happens, Russia claims victory.

Its my meme from around second week of war, it keeps on giving

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Or mom you dating got a daughter
Anyway, if you're past 40 and have this kind of hair the only thing that matters is you're ugly in the first place
check old Chelentano for what I'm talking about

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top fucking lel

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Resemblance is uncanny

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Tactical retreat to Bilhorod or Rostov is quite a victory user

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>Latin alphabet originated from Russian
Keksimus maximus

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>scratch tape
>frame already frozen
>you might be wondering how we ended up dead in our garage
>it all started when I tried to make a fake referendum against country I live in

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And nothing of value was lost

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cool larp, they self-mobilizing yet?

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Because western Europe has a small armor and IFV arsenal compared to pre war ukraine. Same goes for artillery.
IFVs in particular are important for military needs, they are essential in peacekeeping operations and interventions abroad.
Second reason is that there is a threat of nuclear warfare. Especially in a setting where retaliation is not a factor, Tussia may be tempted to canclude that the benefits of nuclear weapons use outweigh the consequences.
Third is the gas, which still flows and most of eastern Europe depends on.
>Surely there must be a shit ton of soviet surplus tanks andBMP’s out there
Yes. They were mostly in Ukraine.

They never thought about the Latin alphabet being used in…you know… the Roman Empire???

Where do they think all those SPQR coins came from?

>Threat of nuclear war
>doesn't nook

>which is unacceptable to nationalists, especially ones which were groomed by Germans.
Yes exactly, this was done on purpose by the Germans to make it impossible for the PLC to re-emerge, the Austrians did something similar in Galicia. I the Prussians were deathly afraid of a future Polish lead greater power, especially because they knew they Poles remembered how and when they stole Gdańsk and the whole coast from Poland, and Prussia couldn’t remain a greater power without Gdańsk etc.
During interwar, Swede and Lithuanian created concept of Baltoscandian confederation, which makes much more sense in our regions, due all the member states having similar religions, cultures, values and population sizes. In a sense, it's coming to reality in form of nb8,
This is now happening because Sweden is going in with their economic investments. That wouldn’t be the case entirely if Poland’s economic power didn’t get utterly destroyed became collapsed post partitions and WW2 + communism. Also Poland’s adoption of Gedroyc’s ULB doctrine when it came to our eastern foreign policy, our absence from our former sphere of influence (“let the EU ans US take care of it” etc.). Trust me, if our economic power was rebuilt, we would have gone into the Baltic countries with investments ourselves and wouldn’t allow Sweden to snatch everything so easily. And you know, money talks, you don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

P.S. Besides, it’s not true that Baltics are closer to Scandinavians when it comes to culture than Slavs. And I’m not talking about “Slavic” as in Muscovite Mongolian-Soviet Ruski-mir poverty Adidas tracksuit type of way, but actual intact Slavic culture.

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ayyy lmao

Why is nuworld so gay

like.. the pieces?

me baiting vatniggers for replies

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>eastern europe
>depending on Russian gas
>german flag
Seriously, nigger?

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user, it was i who edited monke to original mayhaps you had the same idea and made one, but that one is definitely the one i made

barbars gonna bar bar

"Russians won the war (that only started in 1941)"

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> Second reason is that there is a threat of nuclear warfare. Especially in a setting where retaliation is not a factor, Tussia may be tempted to canclude that the benefits of nuclear weapons use outweigh the consequences.
Third is the gas, which still flows and most of eastern Europe depends on.

Fuck you i hate you

Le escalation!!!!!!!!!! No we cant le win le wararino!!!!!!!! What if it makes the berlin liberals sad!!!!!!!!! They read ze articles on ze handy!!!!!!!!!!!

Worst country in europe

Im telling joe to send Abrams fuck you, least someone has the balls to get the job done. Also putin and gonna do shit fuck you

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>$1000 dollar signing bonus to join the meat grinder
That's fucking sad.

ahh I see a big hunk of speck - rye bread, salt and crushed garlic mmmmmmm

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kek, even the original is ambiguous
and I honestly don't know if it's parody or not

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you need to submerge cock

Hey now. Our problem is just a mostly immigration problem unlike Russia's.

Pikachu squad.

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Izyum is important to secure Kharkov oblast, so Russia giving it up is openly giving up plans to go after Kharkov in the near future.
However going behind the River line was 100% the correct call and should have been done sooner if Kharkov was not the next target.

But how will this war effect my slavjank video games?


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Dont ask them, most of their boomer think they came from space and was first white(aryan) people.
>Yeah its that bad.

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to be fair tench and catfish prowl around floater corpses
we used to catch a lot of them when dog or cow got fucked up at a dam or roadkill was dumped off the bridge

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10,000 rather, fucking sad as shit to sell your life so cheaply.

>it's monday and you're the only one not with meme flu on the job

those licensing codes could be checked though

Sure, there is a great deal more NATO can do, but part of the gameplan is to move slow enough that Russia can't chimp out.
Making Russia lose slowly means there is less of a chance of them using nukes because that kind of decision requires momentum and requires the excuse that they are matching an escalation.

Why do we earn 250 euros more NET than you? What the fuck are your taxes?

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It's why so many qtards are drawn in. Anything to avoid reality

FDR is burning in Hell for that.

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The fox never wanted those sour grapes to begin with

You don't know shit. Nobody here does. The internet is flooded with bullshit and propaganda.

Here's a scenario that you won't accept, even though it happened.

1. The SMO started. Russia rolled in a many mile long convoy, close to Kiev.
2. Whatever their mission was, they failed and they retreated from the area (Bucha lies from Ukr).
3. The land is now Ukrainian again.

Does this mean that Russia can't roll in the same convoy and take it over again? Have they even tried to permanently ruin their electric grid, actively prevent repairs, disrupt communications, send forces south of Belarus, to block NATO reinforcements. Use Tupolev bombers, to indiscriminately bomb Ukrainian cities. No, they haven't done any of that. Putin's also concerned about optics. But also, since he's a WEF faggot, he needs to prolong this war so that sanctions remain in place and Europe remains without gas. Can't Great Reset© & Build Back Better™ if Europe doesn't collapse this winter.

STALKER 2 went early acces because of vatniks
but it seemed to be pretty cursed even before the war

Meant for

How is that any different from hohols who dug up black sea

>ayyy lmao

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>playing WWI kino (Isonzo)
>suddenly a wild Russian appears and starts screaming about raping mothers and other usual Russian professions
>probably because his K:D ratio was literally 1:3
>every time someone gets on his nerves he spams the same schizo shit
>the entire server, Italians and Austro-Hungarians unite in making fun of him by saying he's bound for Ukraine and an embarrassment for other slav nations
Best day of my life. He also liked saying that Taiwan is China for some reason.

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They go inch by inch so there's never an incident where Russia can claim the US crossed a red-line. A little push. A little push. Enough to stretch Russia's patience but not break it. Never making a large enough affront at once that Russia could genuinely justify nuclear retaliation.

>Does this mean that Russia can't roll in the same convoy and take it over again?

I can bait better than this, 3/10

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it's a war dum dum, people die in wars