Why cant more of right exist and less of left?


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Difference, one on the right is a woman. the other a man. fucking duh tranny

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>a woman
user, i...

Because the left is unique and new and it garners more attention and thus is a money magnet. The right is not unique and has been around for thousands of years and thus does not warrant throwing money at.

I see you've fallen for the trap.

well they are trying but you chuds keep chimping out over giving 10 year old puberty blockers

I was hardcore right.. but then when I would go on dates, 90% of the cute women were left-leaning or full on libtards. In the name of getting sex and getting my dick wet (and thus mental health) I switched to be a liberal and not a fake one but a real one. Now I get sex and dates and my life has improved 10 fold.


They're the same thing.

Those boobs on that chair girl's body.


Shut up. Fuck you. You're an annoying pissant.
That is all.

He's not even claiming to be a woman lol.

Be me, 50-something childless white male shop teacher
Slaving away for 30 years, see my retirement account drop 75%
Constantly get shit on for being a fucking white male
One day, great idea to get fired and sue
Buy a rubber sex doll used as a party gift during bachelor parties
Using a lifetime of shop class knowledge, slice her tits off and add a strap
Buy a $5 wig
Go to school
MFW all my kids are so brainwashed no one says anything
MFW the staff call me brave
MFW I now have to walk around with giant fucking tits and a wig. It's been 3 weeks.

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It helps to transition early.
There still should be some vetting.

Why can't neither exist

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Where are the naked pics i need to judge for myself?

Well, a man can only be a passing tranny up to about the age of 23. After that their bone structure is too obviously male, their hairline is beginning to recede, and their voice has deepened to the point where it's obvious they are a man. The majority of men being over 23, most trannies shall not pass

that would make him the most mentally sane tranny in existance


I'm like the guy on the right. I just want to be a housewife..


Literally tranny country.

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Mr.Hannah is a masterful troll.