Can someone explain this awful globohomo trend of making your house completely grayscale?

Can someone explain this awful globohomo trend of making your house completely grayscale?

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>Not to mention wider for fatter asses.

psychological conditioning for the cement blocks

Easier to match with furniture? I'm more of an earth tone guy.

Color is something you can easily accessorize. Pictures, appliances, decorations, etc.
A neutral color scheme has a broader appeal and and is more resilient to style trend changes.

styles come and go user
you are so paranoid you think everything is the jews?

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It's better than dirty, stained, worn out carpeting.

>Cool Vs Bright colours
>Pol sees it as globohomo
Fucking hell

the (((carpenter))) profits

It's oddly difficult to find lvp that doesn't look like a doom texture. I searched every company and only found 1 or 2 designs that look like wood.

>easier to customize
>just rip out the entire floor if you don’t like it
>just rip out the entire wood trim if you don’t like it
>just rip out every kitchen cabinet if you don’t like it

Painting a wall is easy customization, all this other stuff is not

Cheap fake linoleum flooring. Flippers are a cancer.

It's disgusting, I'm a contractor and 99% of houses i go into want to turn everything grey and blue

That's not how you decorate a house retard.

I would not look much into it. I mean, popcorn ceilings were a thing at one point. It's just changes in styles. Also, if you have blue walls, green floors etc it makes the home harder to sell. White and grey are pretty neutral colors.

It designed to make people withdrawn and depressed.

CMYK is tacky IRL

i want some arroyo gold
anybody got that anime version

Distressed is currently vogue with femoid cunts.
t. chocolate oak master race

real talk i like it.
fucking house has emerald green shag carpet and you can feel the boomer in it.

Styles and trends are big money. The cultivation of these trends is a business. Dont kid ur self kid wheres there is smoke there is fire.

Carpet is fucking digusting

there is science behind colors, its why they painted that one bridge pink, it stopped or lessened suicides


Grays also make colors pop more, so the vase of flowers you bought for your wife stands out instead of blending in visually from a distance with that disgusting 60s floral wall paper.

The fake linoleum is in the before picture retard. After picture is vinyl plank.

Didn't know it was global, but for a few years we have some Deano wife called 'Mrs Hinch' that seems to have spurred this 'design' in the UK.

Fucking awful.


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Except color in architecture and design has a psychological impact.

>styles come and go user
>you are so paranoid you think everything is the jews?

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Styles have to change or nobody would make any money.

I paint my walls baby blue but my flooring is same as right image. Dark brown trim on the wall edges. I hate carpet and the combo reminds me of the ocean

idgaf about color or design, it's functionality that i worry about.
>oh we can't give you a cold tap and a hot tap in your bath/shower, just this giant stupid lever that goes off-cold-hot and no pressure control
excuse me? you get your ass back to the warehouse and you find me some fucking normal taps

It’s a trend that’ll die eventually only for some other gay trend to take its place.

Also to answer your question, it's about making every part of your life miserable so you become completely demoralized, thus making you easier to govern over

The one on the left looks like ass. You add color to your room with furniture, pictures ect, not by painting your walls gross colors.

The modern world has many problems, a lack of color is absolutely not one of them. OP is an enormous faggot.

These anons know their style...
OP is disconected from aesthetics, and beauty, and therfore also from God, so is naturally a faggot.
You can easily brighten everithing up with colorful furniture and details, and it will only stand out in contrast against the background. It's really a safe and good design color scheme.
Troons like to clown themselves up...

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This is happening where I work. Grey's and whites.
t. Nursing home wagie.

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*tikkun olamism, you molochist piece of shit

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It's lvp retard. What do you think the L stands for?

It's just a fad, user. The last 6 years I bought one house, sold it and is now living in my second. Both from the late 80's and the same pastel colour palette. Now when I'm visiting friends I'm seeing the same fucking pastel colours returning.

That's not even what this thread is about. You think picrel is "traditional"?

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>Implying Any Forums has the balls to use anything but cringy dog whistles

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white is a nice color for a room. It's why they use it in crazy houses. It looks more spacious and doesn't force a mood on you.

Nope. It is fucking awful though.
I will say for flipping/selling purposes you put the most bland colors on the walls as is possible. The owner can paint the walls to their liking afterwards.

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>leftist animal hates truth

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>cringey dog whistles
>has the balls
You certainly don’t have the balls, you disgusting tranny eunuch

The latest trend is in between your before-after picture. It's greige now. See Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore.

You fill it in with colorful accents retard. That brown floor was fucking hideous

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The neocortex needs lead to function. It actually works as a simplification engine for the senses, speech, thoughts, ideas, etc. People may seem "smart" when it begins to fail, but they really just can't find simple solutions. It also changes their aesthetics, they try to compensate with simplifying their surroundings for their inability to simplify what they see.

all white interior is even worse than all grey, though all grey is pretty shit too
except in a room for critical color grading, where it shall be all grey

>before photo looks like claustrophobic moldy shitbox yellowed with nicotine
>after looks open and inviting with actual fucking light
yeah it's the jews op

Peeps like things a neutral color as a getaway from the yellow piss colored nicotine stained walls of their parents and grandparents that where already beige

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yes, but redoing a floor from gray to nice wood would cost $15k at least.

>in my "mind", it was real
OK, sodomite

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Grays are safe colors, I think that's why people pick it. I personally chose an oak lvp though

stfu nigger, what I posted is part of the answer OP is looking for. Buildings (interior design as well) are part of the culture which is being destroyed and debased since at least WW2. Left part of the image is just ugly but right isn't much better.
You can't convince me something like art deco isn't miles better than some commie gray prison cell

you sound like a jew

Is america like 10 years behind? or have we got a new influx of zoomers buying there first house.
Grey has been and is on its way out as the modern house deco here

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>implying your not a fag and NPC
Edgy kevin right there.

It’s the pixies.

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I miss woodwork and shag carpets

Would you rather have the baby poop brown in the before photo? Honest question.

french on french violence!

fake wood/plastic is cheaper than real wood

you jewish?
left has soul

Cosy af.

>You can't convince me something like art deco isn't miles better than some commie gray prison cell
yes, let's cover everything in turquoise or pink subway tile, user. gtfoh

always been this way. I remember growing up with grey carpet and white walls. we were too poor to afford any good furniture or wall decore.

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before photo is ugly, after is bright and clean

Dark décor can be nice too if done right but that just looks like a 1970's disaster

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reminds me of commie blocks
that painting tho

you misspelled "smell"

>you fill it with disgusting pedo/tranny/globohomo poster
thank you for enlightening me


Been a long time. Used to be you could get a bundle for $50 that would do 75ft at lumber liquidators. Then you have to rent a sander and buffer and slap 3 to 4 coats of Polyurethane on it. Stain it if you want. $15,000 seems steep, but I don't even fucking know what a US$ buys anymore. Getting fucking sleepy anons.

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T. Floor guy
Don’t fuck this up for us we make good money and it’s easy to do when you know what you’re doing

I live in an historic area of a small touristy town. Houses are 100 years old or more. Most have original wood floors and trim. Dumbfucks from Cali will buy (for way too much money), then gut them and redo them in this type of garbage. It's sickening. It truly hurts my heart to see them ripping away all character of these great old homes.


I thought it was an office. ITT: normies that don't know how to live. at least post some real comfy homes.

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Carpet is literally nigger tier interior.

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