Redpill me on albania why is their IQ so low?

Redpill me on albania why is their IQ so low?

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Because you just edited the map

No idea but Italy certainly isen't at 96 most can't do basic math

i know but isn't alcohol haram in islam?
nigger i can barely open mspaint
maybe the north is pulling you up

Cousin marriage and incesteous relationships are permitted by islamic countries, such as them.

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Trust me he did not
Teaming with turkroaches and sucking jew cock has it's toll

Because it’s full of Albanians.

Brescia pretty noth nobody can do basic math try it when you talk to someone it's really funny.

because the test groups are probably biased against them
you literally can’t make this up

yes, I’m mad

orthodox christianity does not forbid alcohol it even uses it in mass islam strictly forbids alcohol
interesting i also wonder why slovakia is so high with all the gypsies around
does albania have a lot of gypsies?

The real question is why is the UK so high? 25% of our population is pakistani/india/african... without them we would easily be 105+ and that makes no sense. We should be about 90 on this map and 99 without them.

these stats are intentionally faked and made to push an agenda, and they all come from one or two sources that no one takes seriously

instant example: the USA is said to be 97-98. Germany is 99. Tell me with a completely straight face that you believe that.

>does albania have a lot of gypsies?
doesn’t matter, we don’t have a lot of lead poisoned shiptars, yet those are the people they decided to test

I recon it has something to do with cultural clanishness coupled with muslim inbreeding, they like to keep it in the family over there don't they?

this map is outdated as fuck
everyone got dumber by 5 points in 2022

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We really need to get off this planet

That can't be right that's negro iq

>instant example: the USA is said to be 97-98. Germany is 99. Tell me with a completely straight face that you believe that.
with all the refugees germany took i would believe that
maybe they included kosovo
fuck humanity is going back to monke

ok look at this here for another example Finland, 96
the post-white USA that cannot even get their rockets to work, 95
Brazil, that is basically the USA in a decade, so low that you cannot see it on the chart

don't you see that's something's, uh, wrong with this? That the correlation spins off out of the logical?

>everyone got dumber by 5 points
What could be the cause of such decline, I wonder (you europeans getting so smart it becomes difficult for your governments to steal)

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Unfortunately, the average American is pretty fucking stupid, especially zoomers and the majority of my fellow millennials, many of whom wouldn’t even know of Albania's existence, let alone even find it on the map. (((The enemy))) has been very thorough on the dumbing down of the masses. As for Germany, you also have to take into account all the Turkish cockroaches that lower the average IQ.

maybe the jews and asian immigrants are pulling them up?