Why does a film about a fictional mermaid trigger white men so much?

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failing to see the forest for the trees.

holy fuck these threads tonight........................
this is now a woman hating thread

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Brainlet take.
The implication of this incident is that the doors to race modding in movies have been opened.
Corporations will now make use of this technology to pander to all races instead of just non-whites.
Less propaganda, but more profits for then.

It triggers the natural and instinctual white response.

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I am just offended that the mermaid is ugly as fuck.
They couldn't find a single attractive black woman?

her face at 9 seconds is just perfect

Only 1 p.m over here

I am not.

They probably still think, it's their movie industry. Making movie for their entertainment. Boomer minded

It's more like the constant stream of propaganda from jewlywood and the forcing of niggers into white roles for years rather than this single instance, The white man has had enough

>just be okay with every possible medium getting blackstained, what's the problem, you're not racist are you?

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Because I'm racist

Can you name an attractive black woman?
Hard mode: without plastic surgery and/or makeup

If they cast 2 negro men for a brokebuck mountain reboot, I wouldn't watch it but it would be appropriate

thanks, I was waiting to add this one to my collection

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Not the same thing. George Floyd was an irl homicide victim and not fiction St. Fentanyl of Wakanda.

same reason a show about female Ghostbusters triggered cishet white male shitlords so much
>because the movie was objectively shit

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Here is a decent looking tribal chick.
I don't know her name but at least she isn't ugly like to new mermaid

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Yeah it's open war now.
For each major instance of blackwashing there will be retaliation. (((They))) will also use the same tactic in reverse.
The only logical conclusion is racemodding becoming standard practice, which is a win for us since it strips the Jews from one of their most powerful propaganda tools.

Accelerate is truly the correct answer.

For the majority of the movie, she doesn't talk and pines after a white guy. Interesting take.

>brokebuck mountain
Keep Heath Ledger character a white southerner cause he is always top for maximum accuracy.

>loses ability to talk
>Can now compete for a superior man

What did they mean by this?

He is dead
I would cast henry cavill