Can this issue be brought to the forefront

Of the Halton District School Board.

This seems to be a very serious safety issue regarding the female teacher at one schools. Their exceptionally large chest area can cause a hazard using the shop equipment in the class. The committee board needs to hear about this for the safety of the teacher and all of the students.

The form link is from their youtube page;

Hopefully this issue takes precedence at the next school board meeting.

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>Hopefully this issue takes precedence at the next school board meeting.

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>mr hannah
It has one of those creepy logos.

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Just imagine how fucking disgusting they look. The horror. I wasn't ready for this, God!

I am convinced these people are active social experiments by the powers that be to see how afraid everyone is of speaking up. Even in the early 2000s this guy would have been tormented and laughed out of the room by any given group of high school boys

good luck proving it

That’s the weird thing to me too. High school boys are in their prime bullying heckling age lmao. Too far gone wow
Especially in a woodshop class! I graduated in 2012 and I’d like to think this behaviour woulda been laughed out the room

>Their exceptionally large chest area can cause a hazard using the shop equipment in the class.

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no, because it's fucking hilarious
>b-but muh personal army

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>Not a single white man
>Rainbow shit on the wall
You think these retards are going to do anything?

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this simply cannot last. this spectacle of absurdity is symptomatic of a disintegrating society. does anyone actually imagine a "culture" like this endures across generations? other than trannies of course

Yeah I don't understand zoomers I graduated in 2014 and even then people would have called this dude a faggot. I probably would have been expelled if I grew up now

Well I mean, whoever is filming knows that it’s fucked up. But they’ve been successfully beaten into submission. All the students in that room know that it’s fucked. But they can’t say anything.

This is completely inappropriate.
They don’t have gynomastica or whatever
They aren’t a woman
They should be fired for being in costume

stop perpetuating this fake story

Lmao, mutts just can't stop losing

He's actually incredibly based. He's single handedly redpilling 1300 students on troons.
Bless this man.

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I would constantly be telling it to "calm your tits"

What ever happened to that word?

This is what feminist have pushed for years, this shit has been going on for ages already.
Only lately this has gotten to a point where the insanity is a bit too much to deny because it's so visible, but it's not anything new.
If you look at things like divorce courts or false accusations against men, quota hires etc.. The system has been totally fucked for a long time and this shit erodes the foundations of any society.

What is it actually fake

This is fake.

That is fake right? I think that is his armor protection from the cut.
Safety gear

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Keep in mind this is the same American school system that invites fetish preformers to hangout with children for drag-queen story hour and teaches white self-hatred in CRT.
This is very mild and is probably encouraged by the ((administration)).

It's in Ontario

oh so it's substantially worse

Burgers aren’t the brightest. They never think they just react. They won’t fire him but I want to know if he’ll switch out his fake boob suit for a smaller one or bitch how it it’s apart of his identity. Because of the hate speech laws can parents even say anything about him without going around the bush?

Not even surprised at this point.
Fuck zoomers though, I don't care.

It's mental illness and forcing children to participate in their perverse fetish. In the 80's a parent would of gone down to the school and beat the tits off this man. 40 years later and everyone is pretending everything is fine. World's fucked. Kikes shoving into our faces.

well i have no evidence, but rational thinking tells me that this is fake

Wait fuck really? Please tell me it's Toronto and not somewhere real.

People like this used to banned from public schools and areas with children.