When did you realize America was a mistake, Any Forums?

When did you realize America was a mistake, Any Forums?

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When we let people that fat, representative of having a complete disregard for personal responsibility, have opinions.

Ok so when is he leaving?

Social media allows a fat retard who is unsafe around firearms to declare an entire nation as the problem.

America is the richest and most powerful country in the world. Even more so now that we have seen how pathetic the Russian military is. America is 4.1% of the global population but has over 30% of global wealth. We export more movies and culture than any country by far. We are literally fucking gods.

i agree. we need a do over with no niggers

it's perpetually enraging to me that this one-trick-pony refuses to do the only entertaining thing he's ever done and play an enraged fat nerd character.

Why should I care what a fat fuck well past his prime has to say?

It was a mistake for the elites to let it happen allright
for them

A nation is a composite of its people; it reflects a collective nature, derived from individual habit. If America is sick, then the stick should not be pointed outward, but inward. So, to all the Americans who think the issue is with another, examine yourself and you'll find the real problem.

America makes great weapons. They are still cool.

How come so many trannies, non-whites, faggots, and other assorted degenerates and freaks dislike America?
Don't they realize their lifestyle was granted to them and is being enabled worldwide by American empire?

It keeps this fat, stupid, useless faggot of a thing alive.

Also what an original thought, you fat attention starved pathetic faggot. Maybe come up with something new instead of ripping off ancient memes.

Just blow your faggot fat brains out already. Enough of this pathetic tub of shit in current year.

>Twitter literal who
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It's all so tiresome

you god damn idiots

digits and boogie dies on september 30 2022


Muttmerica is always a mistake.

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>this was mostly babe
What? Speak English you fucking hamplanet faggot

Fat fuck opinions don’t matter.

rip samandtolki

Was eating 40 years worth of doritos a mistake, cupcake?

>American experiment
Are these people retarded?

Fat nigger.

His obesity is testament to the failings of the American system

Boogie the fit is a shiny model to follow and listen to.

It was fine when is was a society ran by free, white men for the benefit of free, white men. Letting women and non-white have a say was the absolute downfall of the greatest civilization on this planet.

Giving people rights and freedumb was a mistake.
A totalitarian society is a just society.

I wished I could throw this fat fuck out of a helicopter. His piggish squeals as he falls down and then the booming splat as he hits the ground would be kino


we should have used Lincolns plan to deport the niggers and sided with Hitler in WW2 for sure.

You're just mad because he is right. kekeke

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The American experiment was indeed a mistake, Anglos could be ruling the world rn instead of Jews

September 11th, 2001.