It is bizarre that this massive continent exists and that no country on earth seems even remotely interested in...

It is bizarre that this massive continent exists and that no country on earth seems even remotely interested in exploiting its likely vast untapped resources.

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It’s a barren fucking plate of ice, who cares

Operation High Jump

An ancient Chaos God lies beneath the contenent and protects it from jew globohomo.

It’s literally a normal rock continent but covered in ice. You conflate with the North Pole

It is bizarre that you believe in a flying balls suggested to imagine by jews Admiral Richard E Byrd

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The ice is also 2 miles deep

You can only seasonally access it with a fleet of ice cutters. It's also part of some scientific pact and that makes gathering it's resources a bit tricky. Also everyone is worried about everyone else militarizing it and exploiting it. Also, it fucking sucks to be there. Whoever you pay to be there would have to be paid a shitload.

You're not allowed there on account of the "penguins", the real reason, however, is that the dome beyond the ice wall proves the flat earth.

Thats why many nations signed the Antarctic treaty, for the sole purpose of not exploiting it for resources, and placing military bases on it.

There is a serpent’s head in the water between Patagonia and Antarctica btw. Look it up.

Same reason nobody cares about green land or siberia

Basically as hospitable as an alien planet

Because they can't. They would literally get shot down by Nazi UFO technology

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Antarctica doesn't exist

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Acre of solar panels
Plant crops underground to maintain temperatures
use battery farm to power lights for the crops

criticisms welcome

Pine gap tongues my anus, kikes

this is a real model of a planet = part of the larger plane

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Yes, that is why, you are so informed and wise. All the great powers just agreed to not touch it, that is all, move along.

kinda expensive to start drilling and mining at -50°. And shipping that to places where its needed. So we need ports and infrastructure in this alien wasteland. See where iam going?

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Is that where the Giants are buried?

Checked and this

China is building military radar stations there and probably going to start fracking on the sly. They have the biggest facilities and no international observers have bothered to check them for over 2 years.

he doesnt know

ha ha there is no more hostile and invasive then jew rats

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I'd live there with top speed internet and my steam account

>no country on earth seems even remotely interested in exploiting its likely vast untapped resources.
because its already taken

It's always the logic of the believer that makes clear there is something to a conspiracy. Yep, 50+ nations all just said fuck it for 50 years and literally fought about every other tiny inconsequential detail but totally agreed on this. Nope.

the US had no problem utilizing and exploiting the rest of the world. if we wanted to we could have taken ovet antarctica decades ago and no one could have done anything to stop us. there has to be more too the whole thing why its left untouched and people are hardly allowed to go there.

im interested in tapping your vast natural resources if you know what i mean

Be'akor the anti-semitic version

They're definitely hiding some shit down there.

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The problem is that the solar panels are not as efficient when covered with a thick sheet of ice. However, I see no reason that geothermal energy cannot be used as a heat source.

Fuck off Moshe

Spread your gay disinfo lamp elsewhere

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clean a 20ftx20ft area mid day every day, im not gonna sit around all day in the cave.

No one cares about Siberia, Greenland extreme north of Canada or even the furthest south of south america.
Why should you live when there are many better options ?

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Exactly, there is nothing there but coldness and penguins. This thread needs to be nuked as someone might end up going there and getting cold, or worse, cold and bored.

Move along everyone; we have made some great threads with random shit for you to argue with each other.

Nothing to see at the Antarctic.

These last two are kind of /x/ tier, but interesting, nonetheless.

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People care about three of those. There isn't much civilization there but there are resource extraction operations in all three.

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It's not economically viable to extract anything from there. It would be like extracting material from the moon or mars, so nobody really cares that much about it. There is nothing you can get there (oil, gold, gas, uranium) that you can't get anywhere else for 1/10 the effort (and price). That might change in the (far) future, but even then it would probably be cheaper to get those materials from the ocean floors than Antarctica.

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The penguins are gone, they all have been eaten by the drop bears that fled from Australia to escape from the chinks that were eating them all.

Literally every country that has the means wants to tap the holy shit out of Antarctica. But the US has frozen Antarctica where it was at in 1959 to prevent conflict. There are numerous competing claims to the continent, but at the US's behest, no one is acting on it and respecting everyone else's research camps.

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Fuck off, I already called it and we’re full