Starting to realize 99% of you people view political theory as a team sport. No actual thinking or reflection...

Starting to realize 99% of you people view political theory as a team sport. No actual thinking or reflection. No changing your mind sometimes, no self awareness. Just MUH RED TEAM MUH BLUE TEAM. I think it was all the lead poisoning from leaded fuel and air fuel (still in use)

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>Blu blu blu

>t. retarded kike

Primo example of lead poisoning

This thread will be buried, 99% of discussions on here are shit but occasionally there's some brilliant content and this is also the most glowie infested board who are pushing these CIA narratives like trump vs deep state, bluepill redpill blackpill, and so on. /x/ is better but still mostly trash

X is better? Awesome dude thanks I’ll head over there. I originally joined pol to see some genuine discussion in between the retards. The rational thinkers are all gone now though. Just reactionaries and their cia handlers. I miss 2013 pol

It's all true.

All your based posters turned out to be retards that got filtered by a captcha

Captcha thing posses me off so bad that I’m about to fucking leave.

Congrats, you've now taken the black pill.
Welcome to the real awakening.

>No actual thinking or reflection. No changing your mind sometimes

As a former Democrat, I will never again vote for a Democrat the rest of my life.

Good, don't come back

im on whatever team is the opposite of that ugly pedophiliac kike cunt

Lock and load brother, let’s clear out the trash. Anyone with any political affiliation is a target. Score some points brother. Inshallah

Well, yea. What did you think would happen when Twitter created the blue check mark? You used to have to read and understand news articles in serious publications, now any idiot with a social media account thinks he’s “political”.

Social media sites like Facebook and twitter have destroyed any good that the internet may have brought with it.

>Starting to realize 99% of you people view political theory as a team sport
It's always been like this, Plato's bronze souls, Hitler talking about the masses being feminine and impulsive, etc.

The fuck man, I want to actually sit down and workout the best possible theory with some intellectual people. I guess coming to Any Forums for that makes me the retard. Can’t say anything real or true without being banned on any other public website though. Sigh

I'm saying there's always been an element of the masses following authority figures and seeing politics as a team sport, but it's been made worse by social media and a political system that encourages it. If you think about society as a pyramid, the elites much rather have people fight amongst themselves (horizontally) than organize against the leader (directing their anger vertically towards the top). This has been taken advantage of by our current political elites where they mostly hide in the shadows and encourage the red team-blue team people to fight amongst themselves.

Any Forums is a lot of bots and spam these days, as well as third-worlders who shouldn't have access to the internet. So it's hard to have any productive discussion here.

I’ve always thought that we should live in a world dominated by the highly intelligent, voting shouldn’t be allowed without proving your worth through several aptitude tests. This would genuinely lead to “better” outcomes for most.

It is quite frustrating no?

It is designed to stop 20 IQ bots, and it has broken you.

You're off the team, faggot. Go post somewhere else.

Based post

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