Party of the “Fiscally Responsible” strikes again

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Its not about money, its about sending a message

What is the life expectancy of an illegal alien? Are they executed when that one month is up?

>it's free to keep shit skins in your own state

Lol Obama called in 125 national guard to deal with dreamers lol much sides

Doesn't Florida run a surplus budget?
That's right they do. They can do whatever the fuck they please

Do people not get deported anymore? Bro it's too many fucking people coming in. Even the Mexican people are pissed

Imagine how much they could spend on them if they weren't sending billions to Ukraine. Joe Biden and the Democrats would rather kill Russians than take care of Mexico's failures.

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This is so fucking stupid. Red border states or fully prepared and capable of solving their problem. There's directions on how to do it and they're constitutionally allowed to do so. All they have to do is collectively agree that that is how they're going to solve their problem and I guarantee absofuckinglutely no one would be attempting to cross their borders. But no. Maybe we really do deserve our guns taken away.

>damn all this just so we can own the libs?
>maybe we're the baddies, conservasisters

Yawn who cares money is fake

Miami has been the traditional point of entry for Cuban immigrants, but tens of thousands have been filtering through the Texas-Mexico border at Laredo.

“The pipeline has shifted,” Burnett says. “Quite remarkably, the Cubans are streaming across the international bridges from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico into Laredo, Texas”

If kike share blue shills weren't afraid they wouldn't be spending as much time as they are attacking DeSantis lmao

You voted for brown people, you get the brown people

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>Party of the “Fiscally Responsible” strikes again
where is the source and proof he spent that much? Nigger, a flight for one illegal ayylium to Martha's vineyard 1 way is like $300

They were going to send Cubans to Delaware but then backtracked. DeSantis campaign says illegal immigration is ok as long as it's from Cuba cause he needs their votes

>shipping spics out of FL

Cry MOAR loser!

how did it cost $12 million to fly 58 people. that's the real question
it should be ~400k max

The north has a fetish for screwing over Southern states lmao

MIAMI – Responding to a question about an upsurge in Cuban migration during a recent interview on a South Florida Spanish-language radio station, Florida Lt. Gov. Jeanette Nuñez said the administration of Gov. Ron DeSantis will send migrants who arrive to Florida illegally to Delaware.

Nuñez’s comments on WURN, “Actualidad 1040,” drew a strong rebuke from the two Democrats seeking to oust DeSantis in November

But a spokesperson for the Governor’s campaign later said Cubans coming to South Florida would be exempt.

After being asked about the historic wave of Cuban migration to South Florida, Nuñez said, in part: “That’s why the governor has worked with the legislature, to secure funding to make sure…that people that are coming illegally…that they don’t stay here with their arms crossed, thinking about what they will be able to do. We are going to send that person, frankly, to Delaware, the president’s home state.”

Cuban-Americans, particularly those in South Florida, are a key constituency for DeSantis’ Republican Party. Cuban-Americans identify with the GOP by a 20-point margin, according to Pew Research.

Responding to criticism, DeSantis campaign spokesperson Christina Pushaw clarified Nuñez’s remarks vis-à-vis Cuban migrants in a tweet Saturday afternoon, drawing a distinction between Cuban migrants and those who enter the country illegally.

Pushaw says the comments were taken out of context

Hey Faggot OP. Would you rather spend 5 grand of your own money sending a family of illegal immigrants to another state? Or keep that family in your own home for the rest of your pathetic shillfull life? Fucking SAGE SLIDE FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK REEEEEE