8 USC 1342 ii

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>border enforcer zogbots bring them in and open gates for them so I guess they're traffickers too

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So enforcing borders only matters when it's convenient? Cuz lefties sure as hell aren't coordinating with DHS when giving illegals driver's licenses

Cheap Trick was never relevant anyways. I don't care for the guy

oh no, they put them on busses out of marth's vineyard, now martha's vineyarders are coyotes!!!!!!

Anyone who doesn’t shoot illegals on site for trespassing is a coyote


Lol ok then

>pedo project

Yeah I'm thinking he mad af

These idiots think they are clever. Its only because their circle and followers are so fucking stupid that they can get away with sounding intelligent.
What does this idiot think of the Commander in Coyote Chief who won't shut down the border?

I hate dumb liberals who think they are clever.

Now cite the Federal Code regarding kid fucking Rick.

So leftists who fund the caravans are all going to prison?

The left has a staggering ammount of people who embody the Dunning-Kreuger effect

They honestly think that somebody like DeSantis does this without checking with lawyers.
They live their life without thinking through the consequences of their actions, so they think the rest of the world does the same.

Checked and the flame pilled

his name is Kid Rock, not Kid Rick.

If this makes him a coyote, then so is the president, congress, and all the mayors and councilmen of every "sanctuary" city, not to mention many churches and synogouges.

When you point your finger at him, 4 fingers are pointing back at you.

Why don't you guys just deal with these people once and for all?

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OP Fag iii

This. Desantis is a kikelord, but he’s not a retard like rick Wilson. I assume that if the illegals claim they are seeking asylum, all the legality of borders disappears. That’s how they’ve been circumventing the laws so far.

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>8 USC 1342 ii
Doesnt matter, if Biden can secretly fly them to NY so can DeSantis

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They are sending them back. That is also trafficking.

Well Mr Not A Lawyer, 8 USC would also apply to DHS and CBP, so you never had the authority to bus illegal immigrants anywhere, ever, anyways.

Biden's been flying illegals all across the country for two years. When will he be held accountable?

It doesn't matter. Martha's vineyard is a sanctuary city.

no but that is exacly what CIA jackal do tho

All he has to do is show dhs is not doing its job.

They are political refugees according to the fed's own reporting.

All those mansions with empty rooms and empty guest houses. Think how many refugees Marthas vineyard could give a better life to. I see nothing wrong with helping them get to the places that want them so bad.

>Border guards are now traffickers too

>illegal migrants
So NOW they admit they're illegal.

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1342 doesnt exist

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Sounds like it would apply to the residents of Martha's Vineyard as well.

>Flew them from Venezuela
Does father son time tentacle-porn enthusiast Rick Wilson have proof of this?

Don’t they transport illegals anyways ? Usually not to liberal cities but just in general.