Da Da Duh Duh Duh!

Annnnnnnd another one gone!

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that means it's working

Thanks Drumf

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Any video?

Good riddance

Why did it die? People find it normally for 25 year olds to just suddenly die? Then they are more retarded than drag queens.

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Yes, you retard. It's clearly not vaccine. It's cell towers. If you die from vaccine, you get symptoms, worsening health. Get some brain Bart.

Being fat is brave and anti colonial
She died a hero

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>If you die from vaccine, you get symptoms
none of these people had symptoms nigger, they dropped dead, from the death vaxx.
and if you took it so will you, and I'm happy about that.

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id love to find this dead transvestite niggers grave so i could dig it up and shit on its dead nigger face fucking dead transvestite ROT

So you drop dead from vaccine suddenly without prior symptoms? You literally gone full retard.

Yep, seems like they all did nigger

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So that's your proof? That's no proof.

I've got pages of sudden vaccine deaths nigger.

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coke booze meth mdma mda and redbulls

Umm ok, still no proof. Ever heard of computer, speed of light data and radiation? So what does that tell you? That every move you make can be their excuse to kill you. You fall down stairs, are alright, then cell tower aims into your heart, dead. You go on sun, cell tower aims sun frequencies into you, so you get cancer. You sneeze, they aim into you. Anything can be an excuse. Doctors look for symptoms, but radiation has no symptoms, they just write what you had as death cause, even if it didn't kill you.

You take meth, then cell tower instead of sending radiation into your phone, sends it into your heart, you, you die from milliwatts. No evidence of assassination. Many such cases. Doctor comes and says it's covid or meth or whatever.

It was me, I shot him.

Did she fall on children?


S to spit

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This has made my day thank you user

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