Inflation is making me poor but I will not eat ze bugs so I’m taking the soup pill.
Bon Appetit!

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>wooden spoon
enjoy your eventual food poisoning

Politically speaking it looks like homemade. I like to put something spicy to lessen my depression. Also your spoon looks like the one a middle upper class hobbit would use

Okay Baron Blackcloud von Emo.

Its clean

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>big carrot pieces
Holy based

those are sliced retard, chunks are what you're looking for

Thanks but no need to insult.

Dont you have steel spoons?

Faggot spoon

Slices are still pieces you fuckwit

Beef, carrot, onion, potato, parshnip and salt. You will get cheapest best tasting soup and you will never get tired of it. I have made this for my mother as a joke because i was bored and that's all i have found. Turned out to be so good that im making it once a week.

fuck you bitch
thats obviously not what he meant, he actually believed those were big pieces of carrot, i feel bad for that guy honestly

for me its $1.50 box plastic wrapped pizza
i have 22 left before i am out of food
i still need to buy a knife
you should join us on

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here is my favorite goysoup

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What do you mean? Of course I saw they were slices. It's just many people prefer small or grated carrots. Schizo.

i made a good leek, potatoes, shallots, garlic, celery, kale, carrot soup last night, with matzoh crumbs to thicken it. i seasoned with salt, pep, province seasoning and a sage leaf. cut the potatoes into small cubes and fry them with the leeks and shallots, and then add water and boil those potatoes for a while before adding the carrots and celery, so the potatoes start to disintegrate and become part of of the broth. add kale at the very end, after turning heat off, and stir. add whole matzoh crackers into your bowl to make an easy soup dumpling

meh, i make both of these togetherin one pot, its pretty much perfect with some sourdough bread

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Fuck off ruskie. You are not welcome here.

Imagine being poor.

The chili Mac has the most protein iirc

also for.dessert i melt the snow cap chocolate over some of the caramel corn
heres my fresh fruit cake

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yo reread my post and try again

Grow your own vegetables, learn to hunt. If you don't have enough land for a garden, trade what you hunt for vegetables.

One Euro worth of ammunition will yield you 25-35 kg of good quality meat.

If you can't hunt, kidnap.

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Lmao you obv don’t understand English very well then