Dixie thread

Southern anons get in here. Yankees GTFO.
The South will rise again.

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when? you knobbers need to hurry up

Literally the most nigger pic I have seen
>muh dick
>muh kike religion
>muh killing animals
No wonder you all have like 25% nigger dna down there.

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Stfu yankee. You're just pissed your entire culture revolves around kikes and freezing in the snow.

You literally have thousands of children being raped by Muslims and you can't even buy a knife without showing id. Your empire was dismantled by a woman who is now mocked by shitskins after her death.
You have no grounds to talk shit on anyone, and you get no bitches
>Verification not required

>my word, simply barbaric

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Nigger spic muttoid can't understand flags

You are a 56% white nation and you have no foreskin

all Dixie chicks get blacked

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Based as fuck. Frfr no cap I put that on god

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Why is this board so obsessed with black phallus?

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Virginia and its brave Norman Cavalier's following Robert E. Lee carried the Confederacy on its back, on Lee's back.
Without an educated, militarized, and high cultured Social, economic, political, and military Elite, the South will not in fact rise again, it will remain impoverished Agrarians, who are based but ultimately at the whims of the broader nation.

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we do a lot of the same stuff

Love from Serbia to all of the Dixie American Patriots

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>whites in a land infested by niggers
>warm climate
>shitholes to the north
We have a lot in common.

We will raise the nigger hordes and descend upon the north with fury and might the likes of which has never been seen. Get ready to get wrekt and blacked northfags.

Thanks. Have a Wild West silver mine Serb graveyard section.

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At least we still get to do stuff, right?

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>The South will rise again
the South took it up the ass once and it will again because it's just meth-addled, tattooed, poor white trash hicks


Captcha: ASSWD

Randolph county, NC here reporting it. Things don’t seem to be getting any better

You forgot the confederate flag is jewish symbology

Zionism and Whoredom is the what passes for Evangelism in the US nowadays.

Evangelizing what exactly??

All blacks get disappeared shortly therafter and they boi's know how to disappear a niggah or 6

is it really? That's fucking hilarious if so

I live in appalachia and there aint no niggers here lol. Id take white trash west virginians over niggers in any state any day.


>I live in appalachia
do you copulate with your mother and sister and random varmints that you come across?


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