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>Germany will deliver 50 Dingo MRAPs, 2 MARS-2 MLRS to Ukraine
>RU missile strike destroyed the Ingulets dam near Kryvyi Rih
>Russian reporting on the AFU breaking through the Russian positions at Davydiv Brid in Kherson Oblast
>Reports of UAF entering Sviatohirsk
>Explosions heard in Rostov Oblast
>Power grid in Kharkiv attacked once again
>Power restored to affected areas in Ukraine
>RU Missile strikes on power grid cause complete blackouts in Kharkiv & Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia, Dnipropetrovsk, Sumy and Belgorod (Russia) also affected
>Reports of Russian forces leaving northern Kharkiv Oblast
>ISW: UAF capture over 3,000km2 since September 6th, more territory than Russian forces have captured since April
>Vasylenkove and Artemivka liberated by UAF
>Explosions in Kherson
>Izium and its leftover RU supplies liberated by UAF
>Fighting in Lyman

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odin.tradoc.army.mil/WEG (equipment explorer)
oryxspioenkop.com/2022/02/attack-on-europe-documenting-equipment.html (RU)
oryxspioenkop.com/2022/02/attack-on-europe-documenting-ukrainian.html (UA)

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kill vatnigger children

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>Ukie Marichka Artists
follow them for more Marichka\good art
>Original creator
>Korzunka Persukiv

>TG channel for Marichka Art dump
>t.me/ FGJTSFazhxg1NzIy

Also now with 2 Sticker packs:

>Marichka Mega

>Cosplayer MEGA/torrent (will be updated into MEGA or bigger torrent by me later)

>Tomboy/Muscle girl Mega

>2D and 3D musclegirls and tomboys, around 1850 files, will add more later

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what is that, a ukrainian refugee in europe for ants?

fucking zigger retard

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this new Strelkov post was just too funny
>Vera Pavlovna had a dream:
>She was standing in a scarf and a cotton cloak, with a pick in her hands in front of a tinny loudspeaker somewhere in 1942, and the loudspeaker was either Molotov or Levitan's voice speaking:
>"It's time to admit that our defeat at Kharkov was caused by the outstanding talents of Adolf Hitler, the commander-in-chief of the Wehrmacht!"
in response to a previous post where he was mad someone praised Zaluzhnyi for the succesful offensive lmao

You had one job, FSB vpn pidor

La Creatura Del Oriente.

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Dude got deep fried

Allahu ackbar

here comes another chug false flag, nice try FSB!

They do it for free

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whiter than most of the cum chuggers!

Reposting FRESH KINO

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Another humanitarian convoy with food for oprhanages ambushed by the ukronazis, truly evil people

>I wouldn't fuck a woman who sucked as a defense minister.
and they say the prussian spirit is gone..

but seriously, I've heard she was criminally incompetent and corrupt
it's an abomination that she's head commissioner
EU is a joke and I wish it wasn't

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Most people today don't know Krupskaia, and most "westerners" never knew popular commie quotes and phraseologisms to begin with.

Cunt got folded lmao

200 made good.
Same as yesterday.
Not great but I'll take it.

Ukrainians are so lucky, imagine getting to do this to people while defending your own land, fucking hell lads im so jealous

still waiting for the day ARMA has this kind of damage detail and physics

rest in piss


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ok now do it with national debts

They're so smug

CS source ragdoll

Copeyansk liberated

IL monstro de lugandonia

>incompetent bitch has nothing better to do than to be on /uhg/
checks out
she is probably already shlicking at all the ukrainians that would like to take turns on her

>EU is a joke and I wish it wasn't
no it's not but there is fucked up shit going on and it feels sometimes out of control for the average man
>and they say the prussian spirit is gone..
yeah baby

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monthly payment: 90 rubles

>It's time to admit that our defeat at Kharkov was caused by the outstanding talents of Adolf Hitler, the commander-in-chief of the Wehrmacht!
There's only one response for him.

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a weird position to sleep in ...



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Did national debts of NATO countries help russia yet?

Most mentally stable pole

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Lurkers can do that, too.

Let's keep talentless unfunny Facebook/Reddit trash on the respective sites.

Kypyansk was liberated week ago? Wasnt it?

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I guess

not being a literal Stasi agent is good enough for a german politician

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Kraken and other regiments have finally liberated the eastern part of Kupiansk

""Based country""

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There is a good chance that this was ultimately done by the FSB, like the apartment bombings.

National debt does not make all the produced goods and services disappear.
USA is still producing all the stuff they produce, no matter what they owe to whom.

Kek, not a single weapon in sight. Ambushing a literal supply truck full of unarmed transitioned ukrainians.

Meanwhile your soldiers:

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Debt is just money supply

only western part, the other half across the river is still occupied

Good afternoon, everyone. Except Russians and their simps. Fuck them.

so how comes the national debts is a problem when there is to spend for hospitals and schools
but is not a problem when there is to send weapons to a kosher nazi regime of a terrorist state?

You shame the unbending spirit of the motherland's proofster.

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it helps insofar as it makes our financial systems more fragile and sensitive to stuff like energy shortages. other than that, no.

insha'allah brozzer

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Did he died?

Iirc only western side, eastern was under russia for some time after. Now they crossed Oskol finally.


the dollar is tanking fag. the american economy is poised to crash sooner than the russian one

Reminder that this battle was won by Ukraine in the end. You are losing to this, ziggers.

The USA can have far more debt too, one year of GDP or more.

Indeed no one would lend Russia the sqme amount, it'd be like 30y+ of its GDP.

Iran is cool
Strong, independent, with its own history
I'd be proud of my country if I was iranian

Not anymore

Did they really manage to get over the Oskil river?

Yeah no. Fuck off. We know who the orcs are

Who is the goodguy in the stan wars?

is there anything better than massive woman titties and other feminine forms? shame they usually come attached to women

My motherland died in 1991

It's not only NATO - the Rammstein coalition is 50+ countries.

wtf I thought people only fold like that in Tarkov

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Now 100%

your pic has nothing to do with stasi beside political alignment

inshallah brat

>terrorist muslim russians
jesus christ how horrifying

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ok ok

Do you prefer them attached to something with a feminine benis?

The dollar gained 14% YTD against the EUR.

>Strong, independent, with its own history
and pissed it all away for a low iq arab schizo religion

Because spending on hospitals and schools costs trillions and buying weapons costs billions. Since the West has better healthcare and education than Russia, and spends way more on both, this is a really stupid argument.

Meanwhile your grouping in Kharkov:

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Dead separatists are always a win

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no I just think women are better without rights and opinions

What? source and footages, thank you

Damn Russia lost to this?

That feeling wher wonky ragdoll animation in FPS games were accurate all along


Reports that Ukraine has crossed the Oskil river.

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Okay Denis, calm down

> seething commieboomer
Your "motherland" was a failing imperialist shithole with retarded ideology and was doomed from the start.

Ruskies.... I wonder of you realize we go through crashes loke this every 10 years or so. We are due for a recession.

I think that river is too shallow to be a normal defensive line anyway.

The question of religion is a difficult one
Well they survived this far so I guess it's working out for them

>dude just casually crosses the east-west border back and forth multiple times at the peak of Cold War
>shills for NATO disarmament
>there's totally no KGB connections here bro

oh shit
cross of oskil confirmed?


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Part and parcel of living in "russia"

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Tajikistan, Tajiks are persian, thus Aryan, Kyrgyz are tatar-mongols

There was industrial refrigeration, the issue was with the non-market economy, nobody gave a damn about any sort of efficiency: you're not making money for yourself, so why give a damn? Might as well steal stuff and sell on the side for personal profit.

Like some stuff just rotted away because a refrigerated truck brought it from a storehouse to a shop and left under the sun and the shop doesn't have enough workers to bring that stuff into the shop fast enough, so it sits there for hours.

With other stuff it was just that there wasn't enough of it being made. Why? Because fuck you, that's why. No market economy, nobody to chase profits, prices can't change to balance supply and demand, etc. So you a product which is "cheap", but people can't buy it because there's not enough, so even the small amount which is available gets stolen by those who produce it and those who should sell it for that "cheap" price and they instead sell it on the side either for way more or just barter for something, or use access to the product as influence to get something else.

Idk much about agriculture but here people always used to leave certain root vegetables in the ground until whenever they were desired. So you could always eat cabbage, onions and carrots in the winter. Beans could be dried and eaten at any time of year.
In colder climates some people filled large boxes with snow in the winter, then in the summer there would still be plenty left to use for freezing fresh food for a few months.

>Because spending on hospitals and schools costs trillions and buying weapons costs billions
>this is a really stupid argument.
are you sure bout that?
>According to Bloomberg’s Anthony Carpaccio, the Department of Defense made $35 trillion in “accounting adjustments” in 2019, easily surpassing the $30.7 trillion in such adjustments recorded in 2018.

Holy shit, it's happening!

it was deep enough to drown BMPs

Haha! Good one, cumchugger. Very very funny

Kill more russniggers

Wtf? I never saw mekka in my life and I have been in tons of places.

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> In a symmetric battle, biggest danger to UAF is friendly fire

vatniggers really are chinkoids after all

boomers cheering russians outsmarting west with buhanka transports not realizing what 2 AKs can do to it and everyone inside

my pc is on overdrive just to render proper distance, if ragdolls were added I would have to submerge pc into tub

Zisters all the BRICS countries are bullying us now :(

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it's not difficult when Iran was on the way to become 1st world country and pissed it all away after islamic revolution
religion is only good when it's not islam

2 more weeks (and 205 "Special Military Operation" days on top)

USSR was doomed because it was ruled by simple people uneducated in the corrupt ways of the west(literal farmers)
So the western bankers easilly corrupted the elites

Iran cucked out by submitting themselves to the more primitive and inferior Arabs

As per the old adage, russia has one two allies: US Nation Debt & the Yellowstone Super-volcano

We also were the last to get Covid.

What's your next copium? Your Winterov's conterattack against Europe? Produce some fresh copium already, BORING!

unholy digits

Like Russia? Ahahahahaha. Cope. Your friends are the dregs of international society, just like you

They're all in Crimea (crimean tatars are muslim, although not fanatical ones).

Crimea most likely

Can you recover from this?

>Meanwhile your groupning in kha-ack!

There is no "your" tranny. Just like your "nation" is an anomaly, the ukraine is an anomaly. Its Russians killing each other

Habt ihr überhaubt ein Nationalgefühl in Österreich, oder willt ihr das ihr ein versprengtes Bundesland seid

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>Konrad Adenauer acknowledges DDR sovereignty
literally KGB

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>literal who kike on twitter
its over

my god a chinese!

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Some user said you have a couple in big city somewhere but idk really.

The problem with ARMA is that the engine is still the same since original OFP