Why do women have to ruin everything?

Why do women have to ruin everything?

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Why does this image confuse the Female?

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Women are fucking retarded. Imagine sitting one of those gay high chairs for more than ten minutes.

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because there's no netflix with serial killer documentaries

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Why do bitches love those so much? It's weird

Unironically comfy

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Have you sat in one? They are better than barstools.

She's still hot but man she should've kept those things.

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Eliminate the TV and the lamp and add a few hundred square feet and you'll have my old place. It was comfy.

The psychology behind that pic is really amazing.
The gaming/workout basement was the husband's territory, his refuge where he could be himself.
The wife hated that, and came up with some bullshit idea to take away that sanctuary. They will never going to use it, but now the woman can also claim it as hers.

>calls herself gay
>still married a white man
What did she mean by this?

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>You vil own nothing and you vil be happy


I just want to retire to a yurt with a qt Yakut wife and not much else.

Because they are literally meant to simtay at home and raise children. This is why they want their homestead to be as comfy as possible, while the man was out hunting or gathering resources, the woman was at home raising children and tending to the house. You add in a consumerist culture and the ability to brag and females just want the attention from having a nice house.

>complains about sexual harassment in the industry
>uploads picture showing off tits the first chance she gets
How much "work" do you reckon she actually gets done?
I'm thinking she does about 10% of what her male counterpart acomplishes.

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because they want to suck the cocks of serial killers, the more brutally they murdered and raped women the more they desire them

this is unironically the reason why america is "56%" white, because a huge number of "native americans" and "mixed race" people are just whites larping. same in canada

So in the new room, you sit in a chair facing a brick wall, while drinking and thinking about how your wife ruined your life.

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Lmao the chairs facing the wall. The only thing bad about the original setup was the depressing office lighting. Could have put in a few salt lamps and left the rest alone

I'm wondering why he doesn't put the TV at the foot of the bed so he doesn't have to turn his neck to watch.

>same in canada
how are you enjoying your stay in england mutt? it's the exact opposite here, english larp as native and french larp as metis for free gibs.

Shitty uncomfortable chairs.. and they're facing the wall. Fuck sake.

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Where are the clothes kept?

i've become convinced that women genuinely don't understand where things come from or how things work. like that atrocious corporate applebee's she replaced her husband's gym with. if her husband gets fat she'll be sad and may even complain about it, but she'll never once consider where he might work out or how he existed in the form he did when she met him.

>chairs facing the wall

talking to a woman simulator

Needs a world map on the wall

>english larp as native and french larp as metis for free gibs
are you retarded? that's literally what i said

one with 80s political boundaries

you said that narives are whites larping. its the other way around. whites larp as natives