Argentina for Dummies

Explain Argentina to me, please. With their resources and size, they should be Canada 2.0. A rich and developed nation with a high standard of living.

But they are a corrupt, poor country with a currency that gets weaker every month. Why? What went wrong? Can they reclaim their rightful place in the world stage?

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Anything touched by spaniard turn into a lazy shithole, anything touched by french turn into a nigger hive, anything touched by anglos turn into a ever lasting golden civilisation. Thats all you need to know

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They were richer than Canada in the realy 1900s but then Italian immigration happened.

Brazil and the United States got tons of Italians too. I don't think it's that.


A shithole. So is New Jersey.

It was flooded by Bolivian and other shitskin inmigrants by the 80's-00's, now they all live on gibs since the local whites are leftists.
Fortunately peronism is silently subverted with abortion laws and globohomo brainwashing for shitskins.

Brazil is a giant tumor that exists in SA and prevents progress for the rest of Latin America.

Socialism + geographically isolated

On average I'd say our colonies are doing better than yours and the English. We don't have any successes at the level of USA but we don't have any disasters at the level of Central African Republic or Zimbabwe either.

Our largest tumor is responsible for feeding a good chunk of the world with the tons of crops we produce.
Ate beef today, you'll probably have to thank a huezillian for that.

You only won against Bolivian fodder, now when Britbongs fought real Argentinians, that ended differently

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Dont listen to this autist, areas with italians are all richer than avg south america: uruguay, south brazil, argentina(ruined by socialists)

Anglo countries are all kike worshipping nigger brained shitholes.

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the problem is their genetics. Even pol has swallowed up the lie that argentina is white, but they arent lol.

They do have a higher european admixture than the rest of latin america, but they are still like 35-40% native (mexico is like 65% native on avg)

so they are dumb mestizos and cant create a good civilization like 100% anglos can in canada

>doing better
French colonies are the worst thing that humanity had created, we basically gave monkeys guns and the deep hatred of anything white, some spanish are doing fine like costa rica or uruguay

Argentina has a lot more of Italians than Chile and it's poorer

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Keep our name out of your mutt mouth

why do you spam this? no one care about your argument with the tranny autist

Based, saved and thank you I hate this spic

You brought Jews and niggers here. Shut the fuck up. Also you're one of the most liberal and socialist countries in the entire fucking world. Grow up.

Because the image on the left of this is what Murdoch Chan has spammed for the past 2 years, including dozens of times today, and the text on the right in red is his fucking bullshit getting btfo'd. He hoped no one would fact check his fucking bullshit.

The English are not much better. Australia and North America were empty slates. Every country where the English had to interact with already existing civilization turned into an absolute shitshow: Middle East, South Asia...

Our legacy is a pretty consistent mediocrity. Not great, not awful either.

Ur saying only 1 out of 20+ countries could outperform italians?
Wait uruguay richer than chile, 0/20+

i guess i forgot to mention, when i said 40% native i mean they are mixed 40% native 60% white mestizos.

See the difference between anglos and spanish is that anglos considered themselves so superior they didnt mix with other races. This is why whites in usa and canada are surprisingly pure, yet they have a lot of niggers living simulteneosly amongst them.

On spanish colonies, everyone fucks everyone. This ends up with a homogenous result where everyone is a mestizo, and not a divided population like in the US

Same things that have killed a lot of other countries: populist governments and corruption being regarded as part of the culture (and Americans/Soviets playing psyops on everyone).

>What went wrong?
Peron, fucking Peron and his army of turbosocialists who, to this very fucking day, keep milking this country dry for everything it's worth. I can't wait for the chinks to conquer us and purge all of these fucking welfare niggers

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It is full of Argentinians. That's the problem.

>Explain Argentina
We dont do that anymore on account of the event.
We dont talk about the event either.
Sorry cant help.

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Was ruled by spain is the problem

Uruguay isn't as Italianized as Argentina. Literally the average Argie is an Italian

all italians i know own a restaurant and ahve a ferrari at home and a house in calabria

>stoped being ruled by spain is the problem

And yet here you are in Germany.

what do you want from me nigger

Too many shitskins and the whites there are barely white.

If Italy is so good why don't you live there?

Thats why arg was so rich before socialism

It is unreal that someone would post something as resentful and contradictory. The fact that Bongs largely build other nations into 1st world ones, in such a short period, would imply they're hardly close to the 'worst things that happened to humanity'. There are more Europeans living in the nations we build, invited in by us, than anywhere else. They were even shipped over on British ships.
Honestly, you cunts need to get over your resentment; there aren't Bongs on here maligning Spain.

This, I'd say this from first glance, here in Mexico mostly white mestizo woman, breed with mostly Indio mestizo men, instead of mostly white mestizo woman breeding with mostly white mestizo men, to create 70% mestizo children.

>there aren't Bongs on here maligning Spain
If I typie "Spain isn't white" "Spaniards aren't white" on 90% of it come from Britbongs, there's definitely some seething going on there.
Then again I don't personally think that Spaniards are white, but for entirely unrelated reason.

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>they should be Canada 2.0. A rich and developed nation with a high standard of living.
Canada is not any of those things lmao