Shias take over Swedish street

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So, with SD in charge, what changes?

>being a swedish """man""" in 2023

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So much for this:


>persians singlehandedly saving sweden

Pretty Based if you ask me

Alright Sven, I cheered for you the other day, now put your money where your mouth is and kill those sandniggers.
Don't cuck out now.

Immigration gets lowered from 500,000/yr to 400,000/yr and they put 1 extra Swedish flag up at the riksdag

based! we cant stop winning bros. the west is saved!

>post yfw when your face YFW when western europe becomes a shia vs sunni battleground like iraq
>my face when

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Imagine my shock.

It's some kind of religious holyday that they celebrated in an area called RosengÄrd. It's not a protest or whatever

A couple of MG3's will solve the issue or at least will lay a foundation

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doesn't matter, they dont belong in Europe

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Thread theme:

120k down to 20k along with enforcing the 80k deportations that have been existing in limbo and lowering the bar for what consitutes reason for deportation. This is a better deal than every single US state gets. Cope

but neither do you, mutt :)

This is a fake religion:

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We need more diverse ways of getting rid of those people from our countries.

Blessed by quads, godspeed swede, maybe we can all make it

Oh sweet so now the 70% of the population that's ethnically Swedish will only drop by 1% per year instead of 1.5%

found a pajeet or chink, begone leaf

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>look at what's going on in Sweden! There's a muslim nigger shooting random people in the middle of downtown Stockholm! Sweden is lost..
>no he's not. He's literally just standing there
>doesn't matter lol he shouldn't be there and sweden sucks
90% of stories about sweden on here desu. Sweden for sweds and we need to keep pushing even harder to the right but you niggers are retarded

Shia LeBouf has only been a Catholic for a few months but already making moves, proud of the little guy.

They wouldn't have allowed SD back into the fold if they weren't onboard with the upcoming Mulattostiden

where did I disagree w/ you? ship them all off into the sunset

That 30% includes people like me whos mother is from Norway. And minority groups like the Finns and Poles also vote heavily for anti immigration parties. It's essentially a battle over Arabs and Somalis against everyone else. Again. Cope

It's rare to fish out a twitter picture that describes the modern world and specifically the incessant shilling on Any Forums so well, but hey it happens sometimes

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here's your proud defender of EVROPA bro, gotta stop the mongol invasion and all that

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The year is 2059. In the Northern Caliphates of Swedistan, the local insurgency of Talibans rule mercilessly over the streets, their militias of Sharia police roaming atop modded motorbikes and electric scooters.
The local fqih guards the access to the Electric vehicle power station with an iron hand, bestowing or rescinding upon all who visit him, the right to use transportation across the city.
Sources tells us that the local drug dealers have long since formed an alliance with the Talibs, and gotten special privileges to use the renewable energy vehicles to conduct their business.
At the local council, elected officials seem to all come from the prominent families of these religious tribal leaders. We learn that they have begun infiltrating the administration since they arrived. One of them, tells us : ''Wallahi brother, when they told us we could participate, we thought they were joking. The jew played its hand too early, and we took advantage. We do not forget, or forgive easily. It was only a matter of time before we took over, sahib.''

Leaving the local council office, we notice an old disaffected police station, located beneath a building block. We learned it had since been abandoned after local inhabitants started dropping washing machines and fridges over the heads of police officers which left or entered the premises. After a few unsuccessful raids into the building, the station was abandoned, and then torched by local youths. It is now the center of local artistic creative endeavors, with colorful graffiti sprayed across its soot covered walls.
One depiction, showing a man with a large nose, rubbing his hands, and wearing a yarmulke being sexually assaulted by what appears to be a donkey reads ''Satan and his most eager concubine''.