DeShabbos proves he's controlled opposition

Him and Abbott are just neocons.

They desperately don't want to solve the migrant crisis. They love it.

DeShabbos let Trump's house be raided too.

How to solve the problem:
Call up the national guard
Hunt down the ngos trafficking human beings
Leave their corpses to decay on the side of a highway.

Only thing they understand, time to spell it the fuck out slowly.

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Cope trannoid

Hunt down the ngos
Leave them to rot in the sun like dogs.

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fuck you kike
this is best thing to happen to the illegal issue in 50+ years

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Enabling more human trafficking isnt a good thing
Enabling more and more migrants to get into the country
Isn't a good thing

It's time to put heads on fucking pikes. Ngo heads. End this charade before we get someone who fucking will.

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More people desperate to keep the charade alive.
No more.

Head on pike time.

>eat the rich!
>noooo you can't send migrants to live with the rich! That's not fair to the poor migrants who need to live in tents with racist conservatives so we can totally pwn them!!

>Y-you have to attempt to enforce laws you have no jurisdiction to enforce and commit attrocities we can spin in our political favor instead of engaging in a cheap, legal and effective publicity stunt that reveals our hypocricy! Noooo the deal was that I get the security of an all-white island fortress in exchange for my support of flooding your small town with people i dont want to be near nooo
Cope, seethe.

You would rather have them living in tent cities and starving in a swamp? Perhaps rotting in a cage?

Womp womp
Libtards deserve cultural enrichment

>astroturfing this hard
If we can’t ship them out, ship them over

Call up the national guard
Hunt down a kill the people trafficking human beings for the rich
The ngos
No trial

Just kill them

I don't care
Point a gun at them and say
I don't care literally at all where they end up
It's time to end the charade

They'll bus them to your neighborhood moron.

did we try too hard to "own the libs," fellow conservachuds?

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Why does Obama keep on spamming this shit ?

Hunt down and kill the ngos
With the national guard

No trial
Enemies of the state are not given that option.

its a good stunt. even if we shipped all the other Wetbacks back I'd save a few dozens to shit up places like Martha's.

Need some for Aspen and Woodside, CA, and Palo Alto, CA

Two more people desperate to keep this charade alive

Call up the national guard
Kill the people trafficking migrants
D-E-P-O-R-T all the migrants.
You rats disgust me
You'll be next on the enemies of the state hit list.
Keep pissing me off and we'll take your goddamn whole family down with you

No more charades.
End the problem

just keep them away from los angeles we have enough wetbacks off their face on state-bought fentanyl here already

I'm tired of stunts and charades and child games.

Activate the nation guard
Hunt down and kill the ngos trafficking human beings
No trial, no warning.