Brit/pol/ - THE QUEUE IS CLOSED Edition

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oi im a paki

>Your queues closed
It's over

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football crazy
football mad
grab a microstar
play football with the lads

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The kwayway? What?

>swift and brutal response
immigrant amnesty, all given UK passports, free housing and £5k cash p/m

>everyone hates the royal family lets get rid of them
*five MILE long queue enters the chat*

THE 5 mile long queue

thats the water mark now for world leaders

FIVE MILES of people lining up

five miles for her maj

thats more than some people walk in a week

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Had a walk today lads? Why’s a yank baking anyway, are we range banned? Lol.

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THE five mile long queue lads

start buy gun

Would have been longer but they stopped people joining for 6 hours lol.

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Cor. Luv British cuntryside

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no other world leaders ever breaking that so they might as well top it at five miles

6 - 7 - 8 just showing off

it's just that so many people want to make sure she's dead

Winter is coming

your tramp host nation cant organise a withdrawal from a warzone

let alone a fucking nation wide mass queue

UK Government wants them here for some 'reason'

THE King, THE Queen, THE Queue. Makes you proud to be British.

Going up that one in the distance next, it’s got a Masonic obelisk at the top. 13 mile round trip though so not tomorrow.

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Prince Andrew in a gimp suit licking Princess Anne's boots

Debbie McGee is in the coffin though

had a good day today lads
got a new rug
loads of candles
loads of bath stuff
new necklace x2
new mirror
bunch of supplements
spring cleaned
now time to drink beer and lift

It's longer than that, there is a Queue to join the Queue which is itself estimated over 1 mile long. 12 hours wait once you're in the Queue to pay your respects.

David Beckham was in the Queue, he went at 2am this morning and paid his respects, waiting in the Queue. He did not get fast tracked, he stayed in the Queue, met with people made friends, shared sherbets and pringles and sandwiches he was being interviewed before and said it's a real bonding experience with people who loved the Queen.

As one user put it yesterday...
5 miles of stockholm syndrome

Nobody cares you inbred cunt

new homegym

Having brekkie now

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why don't they just go around from the right

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THE five mile long queue to pay OUR respects to OUR QUEEN the mother of OUR KING
in a way that fits OUR people

england lives and marches on

I'm leaving this place, brit/pol/ is but a shadow of its former self. These threads used to be genuinely good, now its like Im in a room with intellectually disabled people who have adhd. Sad. Many such cases


God save our gracious Queue.

>THE King, THE Queen, THE Queue. Makes you proud to be British.
why does that make you proud? thats how language works, when i say the queen it obviously means the english queen because im speaking english. if i say le roi en francais people will ask which king because the king doesn't refer to a french king anymore

You have the green envy of not being in the Queue, making friends, sharing food, having something to share with a Queue that is 99% White.

Gas the kikes race war now

Best brand nice pick bong

you cared enough to reply

who you?
or you tellin me I need to?
if so
sooooooooon my son

fuck off kike

The Queueen of England

> you will never be a sheep shagger in the Welsh countryside
why even live

AC/DC sucks who agrees?

It is becoming harder and harder to house native homeless people and that is even up here near Blackpool. God knows how tough it is near a popular city.

Comfy neet day

Our love for the Queue and for the Queen has driven off a kike. It is working lads.

She was a jew user. So is her entire family. They simply arent British at all. They are German jews, put into power over you by Dutch jews 350 years ago.

its impressive they made the same song so many times at least

Proper footies back today. Bazzy will be pleased

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If your bins normally get collected on Monday, don't forget to check if your collection day has been changed.

Show comfy rug

Rule Britannia
Charles hated them

We were quite happy with james ii.

Based, love to see it.

Is that civil service user who cycles to work and was posting yesterday about bad drivers in this thread?

>Remember when xxxx was good lads?
No loss, just click off the tab

They are good but I would say these are better or on par.

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it literally doesnt matter at all though. for as long as our rights as commonwealth citizens are derived via the british monarchs throne i will love and respect the crown

Dago is jewish

My bin day is tuesday morning but that means my bin night is monday night what does this mean for me

Hello Michael Rosen

Imagine waiting in line to look at the corpse of a person who never even knew you existed. Royalty is stupid and those who worship it should be culled.

80% people got the clotshot, must mean it's good!
Imagine wasting your time to go see the carcass of the biggest welfare recipient in the country.

Thanks based binwatch user

Can other World leaders say the same when they die? Will they have to limit the amount of dignitaries that can attend because there are too many who wish to pay their respects?
This is the love our Queen had, this is the respect she had.
When Obama, Trump and Biden croak it no one will give a shit.

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Bon Scott era was good. Newer stuff sucks.

They are overplayed on Australia radio stations.
If I hear AC/DC one more time on radio, I am going to snap.

jelly of what? the king is just as much my king as yours retard. you don't understand english as it pertains to language or monarchy. you must be a drunk scot

You should be fine. Just put them out quietly.

>Tomb of the unknown soldier
>All your military cemeteries
>Muh civil war battlefield tours

Holy shit. Someone could literally fix all the worlds problems on monday by nuking London

I haven’t had those ones in a good while. Usual have some when at the pub init

people that normally want the average white man with white teeth and a decent haircut doing life behind bars for saying faggots make them ill

now long freedom of speech because some bogwog tramp runt shouted something at her maj and her son as they innocently went past

people that dont have foreskins calling me a jew

funny how that works no?

i wish they would just understand that i value my 2 thousand year old culture more than they value cutting their dicks off

i will win

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