50 wasn't enough

50 migrants to Martha's isn't enough.
For them to really make a difference and get the Democrats to wake up, they should have sent literally thousands.
And before you faggots say "Well if they were real Republicans they would just deport them out of America instead"
Except that's the whole point, Biden's administration doesn't let them do that. That's why they're sending them to Martha's Vineyard. Biden's administration quite literally blocks deportations, and also opens locked gates to let illegal migrants into the country, so please shut the fuck up.
At this point anybody using the "Well if they were real Republicans they would just deport them out of America instead" line is a kike, a leftist trying to sow discord, a tranny, or all three.

Also you might think to yourself, "Biden's literally opening the gates for illegals? Now you're just lying to make us think it's okay for DeSantis to send illegals to the interior of the country."
No, here's proof faggot

Also you're a moron if you still care about what happens to Democrat states. This isn't a unified country anymore. You should only be loyal to your homestate. I DON'T CARE if California and New York get fucked, THEY ALREADY ARE FUCKED.

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Can Texas legally transport 2 million illegal immigrants, to the homes of Democrats?

How many illegals would it take to fill a 70 acre estate?
Load them all up from Florida and Texas, and drop them all at the Obama's mansion.

If the government tries to say it's illegal and arrest the Texas governor in particular, they're fucked. Texas has too much power, it's own army, it's own massive economy (Texas is the 9th richest country in the world if it was it's own country). They could make get away with arresting DeSantis but that would drive boomers into the streets.

>hur dur, let's spread them fucking disgusting migrants all over the country, that'll learn them hypocritical libtards!

Fucking agreed

Shut up faggot, one way or another they were going to be here, better to put them in Democrat areas.
Biden won't let them be deported. Read something for once you absolute retard.

cope seathe and dilate. put a bullet in your axe wound nigger


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The border is open, amnesty is coming, your only option is to punish those who support it

I want to see your pic except on Obama's lawn

How come a private citizen can block president trump?


Florida's GDP is the 4th largest in the country and we have Florida Man. Fucking with us would be suicide.

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well the federal government transports foreign invaders for decades now, whats the diff

>Biden's administration doesn't let them do that
The states are ignoring the FEDS on weed but somehow they're stuck on the border issue.

A power given to the federal government in the defense of our laws that is never exercised thus permitting the absence of law enforcement is a power that can and should be assumed by the states.

Where in the constitution?
This a 9th issue

Yeah, democrat states are ignoring the Fed on weed because their base likes weed. It’s not because they’re doing the right thing it’s only because they want to keep the tax dollars in their state.

Every time they deport the illegals from Marthas Vineyard, they should double the next plane load. Make it 100 next flights. Then 200. Then 400. Then 800, 1600. Keep sending them. They're having a 'humanitarian crisis' over 50 illegals? They want a show, lets give em one.

Agreed mar a largo is a great place the best place
The presidents place

All it will take is one kid to die on a bus or plane and this whole thing falls apart.

NIMBY am I right?

>cant deport them
then they should fly them off to the uninhabited islands off the coast of mainland alaska

That location is not within a sanctuary city.

Kids die all the time illegally entering America.

Love it. Makes groomercrats seethe and 404 because they are caught. They have no response. Kill all groomercrats.

Anyone posting anything against this is a foreigner or groomercrat.

It's a federal issue
The president shall hold them

>Nooo you gotta support white replacement, it's been 10 years conservabros