Is he correct? Is it only white people that dislike the trailer?

The little mermaid 2023

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Tf is an “ignant”
Rhymes with infant

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it's how blacks say ignorant, you know... cause they dropped out in grade 2

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I believe he’s trying to say ignorant


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yes only white people dislike the traile

but again only white people pay to watch movies so its a moot point


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My token black friend told me he didn't like the casting because everyone knows niggers don't swim

This black person means to say that black people are:
- Strong enough. YES!
- Smart enough. YES!
- Skilled enough. YES!
- Brave enough. YES!
To have their own nation, separate from other peoples.
That's right- Black people don't need to live in your ridiculous, PATHETIC nations, where they are forced into dependence to and reliance on systems they did not build, and they're moving out ASAP!
Anons, can I count on you to help fight for black independence?

And remember:
>Diversity is a perishable commodity, only consumed by the irresponsible.
>If you say you enjoy diversity, then you have a duty to protect it for future generations.
>Only racism & separatism lead to diversity.
>Separatism is unironically the path to world peace; always has been.

Kids bicycles, dvds, dvd players and hub caps.

>he doesn't know about the secret articulance of the American nigger language known as Ebonics

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the illiteracy is strong with this one

Lil Mrmeid

this nigga screams "bait"

i don't speak monkey, someone translate.

Niggers get way more uppity if they're slighted to a lesser degree.

Ignant, lol I used to say this all the time in my head as a kid

Kek everyone at work this week was talking how shit it looks

He's boggled that people are finally calling out this bullshit. Usually we just look down and shrug, well slavery was bad so our opinions are forever invalid. He doesn't know how to exist in a world of push back. He saw arson and looting with no consequences. He's getting his first taste of fatigue.

Most disliked trailer in the history of youtube with more than 2million dislike

this gay little retard always makes me laugh.

Amazing lukas is a youtube / united nation agent placed there to sow radical racial division, he is a fucking agitator of blacks.

It’s got to be much higher now
Can someone here check? I’m at work rn

Truth be told, I don't give a single fuck about this live action remake. I fully expect Hollywood to blackwash all white characters, and it doesn't surprise me in the least.
The only thing I'm really triggered about is that purposeful blackwashing of white characters, and not the creation of something unique that fit black characters better. Doesn't Africa have any African princess stories they could tell?
In a way, it's insulting to African people to blackwash European history and culture, as if African history and culture is no good and not worth celebrating. That's what I'm triggered about.

There’s already talks of black washing tinker bell and Snow White
I wonder what they have to gain, by pushing so hard against the backlash. It’s only going to get worse the more they do it

I'm arab and I go comment on every pro mermaid movie with the comment "Okay well now I want Black Panther to be Arab, he's not real so you're not allowed to be mad."

They're sending a message to Anglos. You're being replaced, in every facet of history. Films, cartoons, books, literature, statues, 50 years, Anglos will be completely dehumanized and treated as if they never existed. So when they become an ethnic minority, nobody will care when the kikes set their hordes loose upon the last remaining goys.

Think of it this way..... eventually, at some point in time, all the founding fathers will be believed to be niggers. And nobody will be alive to question it.

>Doesn't Africa have any African princess stories they could tell?
there's one out right now that the kikes are pushing hard, but the twist is the the african princess was a slaver fighting against white people to keep slavery in practice in their Dahomey empire kek