Is it possible to defeat the Dandruffjew?

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Yes, use Pine Tar shampoo with no bullshit chemicals in it.

Also apple cider vinegar soak scalp in it

stop eating so much dairy and vegetables

Yeah, 5g towers go bye-bye

I tried that. Does not work for me.

this stupid shit thread doesn't belong here just because you add the word jew

That is disgusting but... Blue Cap + Selsun Blue shampoos every 3-4 days, one then the other.

Use a hairbrush a couple of times a week.

ketamine shampoo did it for me go ask your doctor

Head and shoulders worked for me. Best shampoo imo

Use a dandruff shampoo and only wash your hair twice a week you dumb ass

Horse tranquilizers treat dandruff?

Try coconut oil then, you probably have fungus and coconut oil will kill it.

Brate kupi SebaMed šampon. Meni je pomogao!!!

Wash your head every day
Try different brands of shampoo

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unironically nopoo.

Use head and shoulders you drunk fuck that's a good shampoo

that is the biggest goypoo anyone can purchase. DO NOT BUY the head and shoulders shampoo!!

for me what works is I wash my hair with shampoo, then immediately after I hop out the shower I apply Badger hair oil mixed with a drop or two of peppermint oil. I massage my scalp with it and leave it in for the next 2-3 days. No dandruff + it keeps my scalp nice and healthy.
I still water wash my hair during these 2-3 days, but don't shampoo again until it's been at least 2-3 days. when I do shampoo again I reapply the oil.

Try and get outside more often.
Take cod liver oil.

Still can't defeat this jew, I'm down to just flat out water. While it hasn't fixed my dandruff, it proved I didn't need shampoo to keep my hair clean and looking nice. Just cold water is perfect.

Buy the anti dandruff shampoo
if it doesn't go away go see your MD so he can prescribe something stronger
Usually it's because the shampoo you use is not good for you


dr marders hydrocortisone shampoo. warning: prolonged use of steroids can cause serious health issues.

t. artificial hip from AVN

Hey it works for me

Wash your hair less frequently.
>Just dont use shampoo bro
Tried this for a year during covid but this is shit advice. Maybe use a (sulfide?)free shampoo for a couple weeks to heal the damage but you do NOT have to do this long term. Your hair will never be clean.

Move your lymph with movement and Manjishta. When the gargage cant get out, damages the skin.

Pour calcium hydroxyapatite and battery acid, It will even clear the bones of your skull, no white stuff will be left

Buy some actual anti-dandruff shampoo and not the usual mainstream bullshit they always show in ads. Don't forget to also put some olive oil in your hair before every shower for a few days.

stop using shampoo

Head and shoulders every day

Cod Liver oil?

Shut the fuck up, idiot