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Time for the next plane.

i thought they were a sanctuary city?

Sanctuary for rich democrats.

So ultimately Desantis sent a bunch of illegal immigrants to your street.

9/11 could have done more morale damage just by landing than hitting, leftists are scared shitless of foreigners

ramp up those flights. tens of thousands. it's cheaper to ship them then care for them.

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No, apparently not. Off to Framingham or New Bedford for their enrichment.

>we did it Any Forums! we exposed the hypocrisy of liberals again!

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send them 8,000 now - a single day's worth at the border. send every single one of these spics to martha's vineyard and nuke that fuckin island

The point is to make the virtue signaling people lose face.

Russia will send more mexicans

martha's vineyard confirmed the most racist non-welcoming enclave in america

Joe Biden let them in the country. So fuck off kike

seethe more

the spics must flow

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DeSantis is fucking based and single handedly just pulled the best Any Forums prank of all time

He sent them to the people who claim to want them, retard. This moronic tactic you picked up from reddit or twitter or where-the-fuck-ever isn't remotely intelligent nor is it ever going to work.

Who gives a shit? Now its everyone else's problem
Can we set up a welfare office in Martha's? Its a guaranteed George Floyd moment

>Oh look! The democraps are the real racist hypocrites!
>Look the democraps are loosing face!
Sooooo, we are still on this boomer shit? We are totally owning the libs fellow magapedes!

>short buses

>Who gives a shit? Now its everyone else's problem
As opposed to it previously being everyone except rich democrats dealing with the problem.
Every time they pretend to care you can now rub this in their face.

Who is "we"? I don't even know you.

>Have a nice day

I hope they use Haitians next time so we can set BLM on them.

I hope they're headed to Nantucket next, that'd be hilarious. Beaner island hopping

>i don't even know you
Well, I know you. I watch you through your window at night.

So wait, what is the situation here?
You can’t deport illegals? Do you give them visas/citizenship? What are they expected to do in the country?
Also, are they being let into the country figuratively as in the above, or are they literally letting them over the border, and if it’s the latter, what makes them illegals if the government let them in?

I really don't see why you guys keep saying this.

Moving beaners out of my state is exactly what I want my governor to do.

Deportation is a federal jurisdiction.

In the meantime, there's no harm in dumping those niggers on joe biden's front lawn

So are they human traffickers now too?

Bruh. You should know, it was established in Ottawa that you can do literally everything right and they'll still cry out in pain as they ride horses into you. Everyone knows they're two faced shit eaters, we dont have to make a sign, we have to punish them in real, tangible ways that can't be bussed out tomorrow

He’s right, though. Liberals know they are hypocrites, openly admit it, and will never care. Conservatives have known Liberals are liars and hypocrites for years, and the ones who don’t know are too mentally handicapped for it ever to matter if they know or not.

What did Conservatives mean by using hypocrisy revelationism as their only strategy? Liberals literally fraudulently rigged an election.

Lawyerd run this country and demand that anyone from anywhere can enter "the country" bc there needs to be downward pressure on wage growth and upward pressure on real estate
Everything is connected and it only works because of the lies

This, and give them all crack pipes

>Nooooo you can't heccin send muh illegals back where they came from

damn, thought it would take two weeks but less than two days? bra fucking vo

Can y'all keep sending them Chicago please, it's hilarious watching Pritzker and Lightfoot scramble around trying to make themselves look good while pissing off the suburbs in the process. God I hate this fucking state

The US is a third world country, all of its laws are contradictory, its laws are enforced whenever and however the kikes in power want them to be, and its elections are fake. Its literally Mexico tier corrupt. And its people generally have a very low IQ. And also it’s like half black.

>What did Conservatives mean by using hypocrisy revelationism as their only strategy?

Boomers saw that yelling 'hypocrite!' worked against the right when they were young. So they assume it works against the left.

But the left don't give a shit. They know they're hypocrites and they don't care.

This is another reason why little can be fixed until the Boomers are dead.

An election will happen soon in Canada.
Then we can have a discussion about the impact of the trucker protest.

> leftists are scared shitless of foreigners
They really are and that's one major reason why they bend over backwards for them.
They think that if they just play nice and give the violent shitskins what they want, then just maybe the foreigners won't attack them.
It's like someone trying to pacify an angry pitbull by giving it food and still insisting that pibbles wouldn't hurt anyone.

Bro you’re not arguing with intellectuals. You’re arguing with boomer fb immigrants just looking to pwn the dems. They can’t actually stomach what needs to be done to save the country.

But they want migrants and are totally fine with them. So its just a win win situation for everyone.

This. We’re a kangaroo court country with a group of angry robots who will come after you for saying the truth. And they will say it’s to protect “democracy”.

Yea I mean you guys keep saying this stuff but dumping beaners is a lot more than "revalationism".

It's hitting them in their wallets, property values, and putting their lives in danger.
It's a great thing.


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Nigger, we are saying this because it doesn't matter at this point. People are still falling for this "owning the libs". Israel Desantis is just doing this for political clout. Your state is already infested with beaners because of the "seasonal migrant" clause. Fun fact: They stay every season. Meaning, they don't ever leave. The people doing this Left V Right are the same people that own all the farms and industry who are providing the incentive for these shit skins to come here. It doesn't matter anymore. Every fucking town has beaners now. Every single fucking one. I travel for work to cities and remote areas at random. I have yet to find one that doesn't have beaners. It's all planned. But now they have boomer faggots supporting the shit to "own the libs". You are on a sinking ship and praising the people who sunk it because they moved the stowaways to the other end of the ship.

Chk'd and kek'd

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I mean we can spend money on fuel twice or three times to move these people around our country to prove points, or we can just remove them from our country immediately?

I get this is for optics but it's ridiculous to use humans for political reasons as liberals do and be okay with it when we can just arrest lawmakers and build the wall regardless of who's president and stop the madness.

That seems to be the talking point.

That’s a pretty interesting take. So basically Boomers got psyopped by television, since when the Liberals yelled “hypocrite” back in the 60s, it wasn’t the word that caused the change but the fact that the Left was backed up by kikes in the system that forced all the changes.

I guess it makes a lot of sense. Boomers are STILL enamored with TV-tier narratives on life, like for example the whole Q “patriots are secretly in control”insanity psyop

Not In My Martha's Vineyard

>Yea I mean you guys keep saying this stuff but dumping beaners is a lot more than "revalationism".
>It's hitting them in their wallets, property values, and putting their lives in danger.
>It's a great thing.
This lol

The infinite spics were going to come here regardless of what state governors want. Rich kikes are going to have to live with infinite spics and it's a GOOD THING.

No it matters and it especially matters that they move the beaners to the neighborhoods of the people who are actually doing it. Namely and particularly joe biden and barrack obama.

Well wait a second, it’s GOOD that Desantis sent the illegals there, and it led to a funny reaction, too. I’m just saying that it doesn’t really do anything very meaningfully. I didn’t mean to imply that he should stop sending them there.

The media machine has spun this as a win for liberals.

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>The point is to make the virtue signaling people lose face.
but they don't care. The purpose of morality is to secure power for those that have it. It's not to actually believe in any of it.

Yes, but magically no now because they're liberal. Liberals do whatever they want, even murder and it's all OK in the USA.
Criminals have ALL the rights in America.

Do you think these people even saw one beaner or had to deal with anything more than 5 minute traffic delay? This is petty shit albeit funny.

They are spinning as fast as they can, but it's not really working.
Every moment spent talking about this topic is a benefit to the right wing.

Oh well. Massachusetts voted for Biden so I’m fine with it.

Yea the biggest criticism of this is that he didn't send enough. he and other red states need to send more. Lots more.


It's all a bit cringe, but I support sending thousands more.

You are delusional, like all Republicans and Democrats.

This doesn’t matter if no one does anything about it. You can point out political corruption all day and cite thousands upon thousands of proven instances and it won’t matter one bit if the people aren’t angry enough to put them to death.

I can tell you frankly that if you say anything bad about the Holohoax people will just start shouting Nazi at you. It’s very bizarre.

Ok well show me the evidence that leads you to your conclusion.
>inb4 there isn't any

People that mindbroken will never lose face. They'd sooner die than ever admit they were wrong and their politics are actively harmful to the average citizen. My family is those retards.

They need to send some "peaceful" Muslims next.