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weird how it coincides with our downfall
or maybe not

Perhaps it's time to embrace...a new deity

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> In just a few decades
they think it will survive that long. lmao

It's like leftism, it infects the host country, destroys it and leaves without a trace.

weird how the rise of Christianity coincides with Rome's downfall or maybe not

Talking about the US, not christianity.

t.hans totenfahrten von scheissenlieben

The western countries have rejected God, now God rejects them, time to die.

>research finds
>study says
>experts claim

Fuck christcucks. They act all innocent in the destruction of the nation but they're more guilty than anyone. Just look at all of the christcuck charities and NGOs that work around the clock to bring more niggers, spics and sandniggers here.


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Muttmerica is 80% christian

>please ignore byzantium
shhh retard

And then they turn around and say "NoT ReAl ChrIsTiAnItY".
It's like muslims talking about trucks of peace.

Someone post one of the faggot religious leaders saying how they accept all forms of faggotry and degeneracy

Gee I wonder why.

Its almost like people need a rock during hard times rather than an enabler.

The millions of spics being shipped in every year are christians

the bible is nothing more than a nicely written collection of fictional short stories based on jewish nationalism

KEK, synagogue of satan no doubt

>User mossadnik
Every fucking time.

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you have to go back

You are correct which is why you have the Amerimutts seething. Brown shitskin Americans on this board love Christianity because the majority of them are mixed race and don’t belong to the founding stock of this nation. They come from nothing and belong to nothing so their middle eastern kike religion is the only thing keeping them from killing themselves.

>Another religion thread filled with kikes
Yippee another great day on Any Forums

fpbp kikes seething

They can never define real Christianity anyways.

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Nominally christian.


>christtian mischaracterizes opponent
Every fucking time. Christians are incredibly dishonest.

Sup JIDF you still pushing your outdated meme from 2017 along with your anti-Christianity shilling?

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You go back to mexico, jose.

Rome collapsed they had just implemented kikestianity and gave jews preferential treatment.

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This is why Nazis, white supremacists, ecofascists, and all the other subhuman pagan degenerates who insult Christ need to be strung up next to the troons, fags, and pedos. You're all the same fucking anti-social Satanist demons that need to be absolutely destroyed. Corrupting society. Corrupting youth. Corrupting minds. Only spreading violence and hate

The followers of Christ protect the weak, the chaste women, and the children. And we will against you pagan subhuman faggots

Looks like /leftypol/ is coming to flood the thread with their anti-Christian propaganda
>only seethes about Christianity
>but isn’t totally a /leftypol/ shill guyz
Go back to your containment site

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>Christian’s ever started a Roman civil war
Lol lmao even

Yeah look how every seething post is an amerimutt.
Christgolems are a disease.

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christianity still exists, it just mutated into wokeism

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Goyim finally waking up and being tired of used as semitic cannon fodder.

Quarantine this dogshit semite on a stick religion to the deserts of the middle east.

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they took desert penis mutilation to a new level.

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More than 50% of our nation is mongrelized largely thanks to christians cucking. Christianity is a majority non white religion. Coping by lying about the user who opposes you, falsely accusing them of being jewish will never justify what christianity has done for the benefit of the jew against us.

>t.Jew puppets
Why do you so happily do exactly what Jews want you to do?

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>Turn the other cheek
>Church imports foreigners due to falling numbers
>Sends missionaries to nigger countries informing them of the goodies west offers
>Don't have abortions

Christianity and their cuck way of thinking is one massive reason why we have so many fucking niggers in the West to begin with.
American "Christianity" is absolutely fucking satanic to begin with. The entire mega church system and the profit driven religion over there is nuts.

>christcucks sack Constantinople

>doubles down in his dishonesty
The Any Forums christian is incapable of honest approach. But this is to be expected as christians are bound to lies and worship lies and will continue lying to no end.

That's the ticket. Surly that will save us.

Big this. Byzantium was the first Christian empire and one of the longest lasting empires in history.

This is nothing more than wishful thinking on the part of redditors. The religious right are the only ones having babies and passing on their values; leftist lunacy is unsustainable in the long term and will burst like a bubble.

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How does that even make sense? Yes, wokeism is a type of religion but in no way is it derrived from Christianity.

Saviour of the white race coming through.

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>anti-Christian chink shill in the thread now
I see you in every thread it’s obvious you’re a shill.
Oh look another /leftypol/ fag coming in posting his cherrypicked image
>y-you’re seething
Also nice for showing that you’re a JIDF fag by posting your D&C mutt meme from 2017
>memeflag Reddit spacing
>he confuses race mixing with brown people
Good to know that you’re a complete idiot. It’s obvious that you’re mentally retarded.

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your desert doomsday cult is nihilism with extra steps

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The jew wants their prophecies to come to fruition. Christianity enables this. You are blinded by their spell. You are bound to an abyss to the detriment of your own blood.

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>source Richard Dawkins and Bill Nyhe.

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fair weather christians.

Also this. Fucking "latinos" and other assortment of migrant trash stock have not done shit for this country. New peasant class that fucks over american workers.

>I-it’s totally fake goyim please we aren’t raiding trust me even though there’s literally a post of me and my fellow /leftypol/fags openly admitting to shilling against Christianity
Who’s being dishonest now?

Reminder when kikes like this poster try to shill kikestainity here what they're actually pushing is pic related.

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I unironically agree that the fall of organised christendom may be a good problem to have.
The more people question the Bible, the more people realise that everything following the KJV is satanic pilpul including the KJV itself.
Greek Septuagint plus Latin Vulgate for the bits we've lost of the original is the only way to properly study the Bible, if you take study serious at all.
Things like "Mark of the Beast" which Christians today consider to be a tattoo or sorts, but can be translated as "needle" from the original as well. Just as an example.

Let's get a thing straight here. Less Christianity = More kike subversion
Without Christianity you lose Moral Objectivism and are swayed by Relativism which leads to Nihilism and Hedonism, you don't have a defined and established role model in Jesus but celebrities instead, you don't fear Hell but instead the current crisis thing.
When I wrote fpbp at , I'm agreeing with in that it's NOT weird that our downfall aligns with the tragic loss of Christianity and in fact expected.

Good riddance. christfags would be OK if they were the good ol' boy Crusader types but we got stuck with the cucked pussy turn-the-other-cheek types. Fucking losers.

>Christianity and their cuck way of thinking is one massive reason why we have so many fucking niggers in the West to begin with.
Why are you people so ignorant? Christianity is the #1 force preventing mass immigration. This is an undeniable fact. Your vast stupidity in cherry picking a few Christians who love immigrants does not make the rule, moron.
Are you people really this dumb or are you merely incapable of deviating from your Jewish masters plan to end Christianity in the west? Which is it?

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Fuck off rabbi.

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>Abrahamism will save us though
Fuck off

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Destroying your own heritage to worship jews is peak kike subversion, that's Christianity.

Latinx are Christians so I don’t think it will be minority anytime soon

The vast majority of non whites in the USA have some European dna. We have a great deal of mongrels, this is indisputable.
This is one of the reasons we need a folk centered religion based on the mythos of our own blood to protect against further mongrelization of our bloodlines.

If I was your boss I wouldn't pay you for such a lazy shill.
At least pretend you have an argument

>can’t refute what I have said
>has to post an unrelated image and call me the shill
Your dishonesty is amazing /leftypol/fag.
Love how you completely ignore my image

Very weird indeed

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Jesus was a jew

I will never understand ostensibly white people idolizing christjudaism, a middle eastern religion.

You are still lying about me.
Why are you incapable of honest approach? You characterization of me is completely false.
What do you think you are going to accomplish with such dishonesty other than proving you care nothing for truth?

>he thinks paganism is based and will totally save us
Yeah this is how I can tell you’re a /leftypol/ shill

Fuck off rabbi.

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>Finnshill coming into the thread now
Shouldn’t you be in your containment board of /uhg/ playing Russia Lost Simulator?


the left can't meme

>Christianity enables this
HAHA no it doesn't you idiot. Jews want to end Christianity and always have. That's why they cheered to murder Christ.
>You are blinded by their spell
Nope. You are. Christianity is the #1 force preventing Immigration. Athiestcucks LOVE immigrants far far more than Christians.
>You are bound to an abyss to the detriment of your own blood
Your schizo mental vomit has no meaning
>t.Jew who wants to end Christianity and open the floodgates of immigration

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That's good, people will get more violent without the cuckery that is protestantism dragging them back.
The righteous stay righteous and without religion they become far less merciful.

>n-no you’re the one lying about me
If you aren’t a /leftypol/ fag then why are you getting so defensive over me calling you one? It’s obvious it may be true

>cant refute what i said

>what he said:
>Oh look another /leftypol/ fag coming in posting his cherrypicked image
>>y-you’re seething
>Also nice for showing that you’re a JIDF fag by posting your D&C mutt meme from 2017
Kek you christkikes are so fucking retarded.

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