How the fuck were batteries only discovered 200 years ago?

This is some conspiracy. Batteries were only invented 200 years ago, before that no one knew shit about electricity. How the fuck? If the Romans knew about batteries we'd be in the deep space age by now. How the fuck was this shit only discovered 200 years ago? Just zinc and copper plates with some salt water paper in between? I mean yeah it's pretty specific but fuck humans had hundreds of thousands of years to find this shit. But only some random Italian 200 years ago discovered it then some britbong elaborated upon it? Something's up.

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the Antikythera Mechanism is a 2250 years old battery, it was used to gild cheap metals ....

>Antikythera Mechanism
Baghdad Battery

Fakeshit, sparse evidence its electrical properties were ever realized

Baghdad BOB

There are jars in ancient egypt that were used as batteries. They had an anode and cathode material(cant remember which specific metals) tarred through the lid and there was lemon juice residue on the inside. Batteries were discovered way earlier than 200 years ago.


Not true the Mesopotamians had them, they used them in metallurgy, and simple electroplating. They were clay jars with a cathode and anode filled with citrus juice.

No they fucking weren't. Something that resembles a battery was discovered in the archeological record. Nothing resulting from its application such as materials from electroplating were ever discovered in the subsequent several thousand millennia. Electrical power was not harnessed for the entirety of human history until 200 fucking years ago, which somehow also coincides with when photography, which isn't reliant on electrical technology in the slightest, was also developed. Really fishy shit. Not some "whit nationalist" spiel, just really electrical technology did not exist in any form before about 200 years ago.

>Antikythera Mechanism
It was used for navigation. It was a clockwork device used for tracking the stars.

I've always said, it's just minerals, but there's a whole load of chemistry behind behind it to find it

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Its crazy man. If the battery were discovered. It would only be a matter of time before its interaction with a compass would be discovered. Only a matter of time before wireless transmission was discovered. Then semiconductors and subsequently transistors and computing and fiber optics. This all happened in the span of 200 years. What the fuck was happening for thousands of years before then?

There was no chemistry or science

Maybe it was surpressed knowledge like radio communication?

The Ancient Egyptians already had batteries thousands of years ago.

>How the fuck were batteries only discovered 200 years ago?
Probably something to do with highly superstitious populations and the fact that most inventors/scientists back then were privately funded.
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Fuck religion, honestly.
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>What the fuck was happening for thousands of years before then?
Real life.

It's been said Christianity in particular is conductive to science. I don't know what the reasoning was but some people say that.

They wanted answers to complex questions, so they funded scientists to find out. Like, for example, does the sun move around the earth. Turned out it didn't and that scientist was discredited.

Everything you know about history is fake as fuck

>before that no one knew shit about electricity.
Fake history. Written by Jews no less.

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