New disturbing 9/11 documentary on YouTube

Don't know why they recommended this to me but it's marked as "offensive" before you can even watch it so you have to sign the disclaimer. Watching this while high was a mistake.

Why the fuck does YouTube always recommend fucked up shit like this?

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YT is very dark. Whatever gets blocked or deleted is just reuploaded

we need more allahu ackbars, especially right before impact to add in the radical islam dimension otherwise the propaganda falls kinda flat

I'm only interested on why did the attack and making all of their immediate family hang in minecraft.

They need less mossad agents in these flights man.

>have to sign in for 9/11 doc
>don’t have to sign in to watch a man get dildos shoved into his ass or nigger women shaking their ass

I am watching it now
why did they choose diviing? is the heat that unbearable that you can't keep staying or clilnging to the edge of the building?

I hope the truth is told someday.
The whole truth.

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Reminder that Israel did it.

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its because zoomers are starting to forget what happened and the Jews want to start more wars in the middle east. The next Generation will completely forget what 9/11 is also do remember that this is not the first time a generation will completely forget shit like this ask any zoomer what the Vietnam War and they think of CCR ask any zoomer what happened in 1941 ask any zoomer when did the Korean war happen I doubt they even know there was a Korean war

I’d rather fall to my death than be burned alive, burning is extremely painful and takes way longer to kill you. If you fall it’s of course terrifying but it’s all over as soon as you hit the ground.

You couldn't handle the truth migatard

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The Israel lovers in the NY Port Authority came up with the plan to demo the buildings.

You're getting warmer but haven't figured out the real reason Giuliani was added.

Do tell

Ever since horned owl dropped I feel more convinced than ever that what happened that day was pure evil. Whatever happened was whatever is beyond evil. Just look at the world we live in. We all know that is when the uniparty and the security state took over.

Imagine signing up for google welfare services, imagine staying signed into google welfare services.

YouTube doesn't recommend offensive videos you liar, you are most likely the YT channel owner or mentally ill.

I wrote a 430 page book with 785 sources that irrefutably and conclusively proves that 9/11 was an inside job, the Bible is supernaturally authored, and the jews of today are not the Biblical Israelites, white people are.

Given that Biblical prophecy places us currently in the end times, this is all conducted by the Synagogue of Satan, prophesied to exist in Revelation. This cabal acts as an international criminal syndicate, loosely based around freemasonry and luciferianism. They facilitated 9/11 as a complex money operation, in order to conceal a massive amount of real-wealth that was looted from the world through planned and intentionally created World Wars, and used in the form of fraudulent security bonds to collapse the USSR. I prove that Lusitania and Pearl Harbor were conspiracies and false flags similar to 9/11.

The Bible was supernaturally authored, and I prove it through several ways, such as historically fulfilled prophecy, Equidistant Letter Spacing codes placed within the text, and knowledge present that is thousands of years ahead of its time, only possible through divine intervention.

Pdf can be downloaded here:

Why are documentary's like this allowed up, but BxBullet's mass shooter videos got her nuked from the platform.

I know she was being mass flagged by pedo's but YouTube shouldn't of nuke her channel.

>is the heat that unbearable

retarded post of the day. nice work, noodle nigger

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The internet has been fucking great, for filling people's heads with misinfo and trash, hasn't it.

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