Reminder that Ukraine has next to zero organic support on Any Forums...

Reminder that Ukraine has next to zero organic support on Any Forums. Probably 95% of pro Ukraine posts here are shills sponsored by western governments and outside interests. /uhg/ is just hundreds of glowies and shills agreeing with one another. There’s multiple discords and threads on bunker chan and such dedicated to shilling Ukraine here.

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Cry more chugger

We know

Also the Azov meme is the best. I think they thought their ace in the hole was to show of the “based nazis” in Azov to win over Any Forums when it was glaringly obviously from the start they’re idiots, shabbos goyim and literal jews pretending to be nazis.

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No, you just underestimate the level of hatred much of Europe harbors towards Russia.
>but muh butthurt belt
And so the zigger moves the goalpost.

>if you dont have 1:1 same contrarian opinions as me youre a shill
what changed?
azov is still based

Imagine my lack of shock

Uh, actually I'm not a shill. I support Ukraine for simply being Finnish. Russia losing that front and its Federation disintegrating is along Finnish interests. While I probs don't hate every and all Russians I just want Putin regime out and done with. I also hate the Ukrainian faggotry and anti-white Jews but that doesn't make me a Putin supporter. I think it's easier for burgers to support Putler sitting safe and sound in their very own island continent away from harms way and with the biggest military budget in the world. Meanwhile we are a smaller country sharing a border with a genocidal maniac. But yeah, do call me a shill.

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If they don't have organic support why are these threads being made to say so all the time?

they also got rid of azovchans swastika I noticed recently. She’s been repurposed to appeal to nafo, vaush drones, etc now that they failed using her here.

>brazillian shitskin le creatura
>supporting russia

>/uhg/ is just hundreds of glowies and shills agreeing with one another.
Well, yeah.

The Ashkenazi Jews are not the descendants of Jacob. They are Khazars who converted to Judaism. That's why they've all congregated in the US.

Now, if their immediate boss, the God Saturn, is displeased with their performance, they will be exiled to a land - like how the true Jews were exiled to Palestine.

Khazars came from Ukraine. So they need that land since they're short on delivering their promises. They're being retired and they need a place to go when they are retired.

All that Satan worshipping gossip? Yeah, a new tribe is rising in the west. They are to be the new power behind the throne. In due time, their identity will also be revealed, when they call themselves something something Jews.

the glowing trannies have their nest of villany inside discord

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NAFO tranny terrorists gonna get doxxed and they gonna eat shit

>No, you just underestimate the level of hatred much of Europe harbors towards Russia.
People used to hate Russia because the Bolsheviks represented Jewish supremacy. After the Jews took over Europe, no one really hates Russia. They have Jews ruling them now.

So you guys really come to pol only for the echo chamber? Like said, if someone disagrees with you they're automatically shills?

Any Forumsacks just want habbenings.
The best chance of a habbening is if Ukraine defeats Russia and ends up pushing them back into their own territory.
All know this, hence 95% support Ukraine

who are you quoting?

yeah I am a CIA agent shitposting here, cry me more

Agreed. Never wanted ukraine. But here we are.

All the bauses in my city say "black lives matter" and "support Ukraine!" ...interestingly they have never said "support Palestine". It's almost as if the whole thing is pushed by kikes, why would I support some shithole ex soviet country on the other side if the world that has zero relevance to me?

If kikes are pushing it it's obviously bad

I just dislike ukraine more than I do Russia.
The only reason: zelensky is bff with trudeau.
I don't have a dog in this fight

You are correct, bump, any time you try to rationally explain how Russia is conducting operations you just get the "monkey Putin" forced meme.

It's not even funny at all

>no one really hates Russia
Surprise surprise, you're talking out of your ass with no corroborating data or first-hand experience.

Zelensky is a jew with a lot of western money. Paiiiiiidddd posters

because they always garner 200 butthurt replies from meme flags screaming the opposite which amuses me. also a thread dedicated specifically to the topic is nice and baits more people

Isn't Putin also jewish?

I knew it was the jews when twatter bots replaced the syringe emoji with ukranian flags within 3 days

This thread was posted, word for word, almost every single day.
>of course it also mentions cocks
every single time.

They are contained there because they would always lose arguments on every other thread, they are so disconnected from reality or they are shills

Man, Russia must be losing the conventional warfare bad considering how much they've turned up the online warfare.

well that fair enough tbqh
i for one dislike ukraine but i hate russia althought ukraine is a good bufferzone between civilized world and mongols

I'm always stunned that they use the same language as each other, as if we don't notice. You'd think they'd try and be more subtle than that, but no. It's like their propaganda poisoned their own minds while we remained unchanged.

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>/uhg/ is just hundreds of glowies and shills agreeing with one another.
the poster count in their threads barely cracks 50, and 90% of those are drive-by posters from the front page calling them retards or pointing out their coping reddit narratives

Americans should stay quiet about European matters. Just shut the fuck up and keep giving Ukies weapons and monies

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>Russia gets btfo
>starts flooding outer/pol/

/k/ has become unusable with all of the shills and tourists

We know, OP. The trannies have been insufferably gay as of late.

You are correct, but to be fair, there probably are some legit NPCs who also support it.

When? All the new art has it.

what we’re seeing is basically a cover for this

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