What do cities produce?

What do cities produce?

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You know literally everything you own? Some guy in an office in a city put it there.

Filth and suffering for except their Jewish tyrants.

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Reasons. Cities produce reasons.

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Cities do jewish stuff like marketing and financial engineering which is just extra jewish banking.

>they come in a can
>they were put there by a man
>in a factory down town.

nothing, topic of the day at work was cities being net-negatives to society. they "make money" but that money is created from thin air, insurances, or based on a physical product made elsewhere

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Bullshit jobs make more money while being more comfy that “real” jobs. Brains over brawn. Cope.

>hurr durr conservatism should be le poorfag rural working class movement, fuck urbanites
The left controls the cities, the elite, the media, the banks, and all the institutions that govern your country. They make the laws, they make the culture, and they decide the direction that the society will move in.

Meanwhile you catch fish.

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Niggers, crime, pollution, disease, more niggers, and that's about it.

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Toronto did that