If you think about it, all women have someone to literally worship their feet

If you think about it, all women have someone to literally worship their feet.

Imagine life being like that..

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I have had a LOT of women worship me
Its actually not as hard as it sounds
Just emulate what they like or be attractive

I want to slap her across the face and then throw her down a flight of stairs.

You dont understand at all.

Only because faggots like you never shut the fuck up.
Maybe stop making gay posts complaining about how unfair life is and just kill yourself already?

Tough guy leaf. Big yawn.

You don't understand. Just because some greasy fat beta wants to worship you doesn't add anything to your life. Women want actual good men which are rare today and most are as bitter about it as men are about the state of women.

Go suck your kangs dick

Pussy cuck burger too afraid of reality to acknowledge the facts.
Stop whining about women and be a fucking man you coward. Ever think maybe women don’t care about you because all you do is sit and bitch about them online? Idiot?


that is a boy op

with lots of makeup

>Pussy cuck burger

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What the fuck is retard always yelling about?
Every time I turn on Folx News to hate watch it and see what all of the niggers are angry about, it's this idiot yelling. And he's just yelling about stupid shit and shit that isn't real.

It's like if WWE did a news segment about all of their fake storylines. And all that's missing between that and Jen Psaki is some tight gay spandex

And then as she's yelling about idiotic fake shit, her voice goes up like 10 octaves and it sounds like my dog is eating his chewtoy, and this is your idiotic god, niggers
my grandpappy didn't die for this SHIT, BUT I WILL.

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Seethe more loser, go suck your demnentia patients dick

Project much

Women. Plural. I am saying posting:
>Wah. Women suck
Threads is so fucking retarded.
This is the same faggot that pays for OnlyFans subscriptions. And then complains about women living on easy mode.
Maybe just. Ignore all of it?

>Imagine life being like that..

Sucks imagining it? Ya

Lol. I am simply telling you that women don't want fat ugly losers to worship them. Also, most women are ugly and nobody wants to worship them.

Women don’t speak to you because you are a fucking faggot who cut off his dick and got laughed at. Simple as.
The rest of us are going to enjoy life without your warped view of women.
Sluts are garbage.
Traps are faggots.
Trannies are faggots.
Women can be alright. Just gotta find the right one.

>Lol. I am simply telling you that women don't want fat ugly losers to worship them.
Now i know you know nothing about women..

Yawnin at this shit leaf.

I'd tell you to just transition, but that would waste everyone's time since we all know the incel to troon pipeline is real. Preemptively 41%, you blackpilled chinlet nigger.

Lmao. I get my dick sucked on command and you are here seething and bitching, yet I'm the one who doesn't understand... if you're so desperate to live like a whore then start uploading videos of you dildoing yourself, there are plenty of creeps who will pay you and you can finally live your dream.

Yawn all you want faggot.
While you complain like a nobody I will continue to spread my white seed and build the army that will wipe out your bloodline.
You can only see your actions play out in your lifetime. Because you’re a faggot. My view is in decades. Centuries. When I train my children to survive in the wilderness. You will be a 45, 50 year old tranny running from the collapse when my youngest crossbows your face into the afterlife. Then I high five her and we all laugh.
But yeah enjoy your diversity or whatever. That will help when the power turns off.

Ive struck an entire accordian of nerves in this bong. Hes hurt bad.

I am sorry.