White house: Lucky charms healthier than Chicken

Where do the mutts find these people how do they even become doctors much less work for the white house?


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Ironicly they put water melon at the top of the healthy list, pretty sure das rasssict

How’s your family doing? Did they invest in Evergrande?

nah, we making good money selling beef to US, I dont know what you guys are doing over there, but our farm is making bumper profits.

Why do you lie on the internet?

>Stanford, Columbia, University of Washington, Harvard
>non-traditional american
looks like he's got the qualifications to determine sugary processed mutant grain with no shelf life is healthier than chicken

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Am I missing something and went full retard here or is chicken 1 goyslop point higher than lucky charms?

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No he didn't...
It's still retarded that lucky charms and chicken are basically tied though

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They're magically delicious

we don't sell them live.


you buy the arseholes lips and other dodgy shit to make your weird pink mince meat


Was this made by a vegan?

How, how did you do this circular ref post.!
What is this magic

They are probably factoring in environmental aspects, too. Raising livestock has devastating consequences on the environment, contributing to soil erosion, climate change, and water pollution.

Careful lads.
>He also trains as a Third Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo

It has a full serving of luck in every bite.

>eggs demonized once again
Watermelon may as well be candy. Who the fuck made this?

You misspelled it. The correct spelling is Veggan. Not “vegan”, whatever that means. Veggan. The cleue is literally in how it’s pronounced. People like you shouldn’t be allowed to vote. I genuinely support standardised spelling tests for anyone who wants to voting. It would make the political system of the country a lot better and, more interesting.

Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian — Joe Biden’s new Public Health© nutrition advisor

He is exactly what you would expect

Yeah, you're all faggots.

>The correct spelling is Veggan.
But that's wrong you fucking retard.

i mean it's not bad for you by any stretch, but as far as nutrients go it literally contains nothing except sugar.

>Not top of the list
Confirmed never gonna make it.

By "vegan" you mean a jew, right ?

suggesting that sugary cereal is healthier than an egg fried in butter is fucking beyond retarded
its too utterly ridiculous to be incompetence, it has to be propaganda born of malevolence

>Egg substitute fried in vegetable oil

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>Lucky charms healthier than Chicken
Depends on how you eat them.

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No, I think you’ll find that you’re wrong. You need to think about the etymology of the word. What does a veggan eat? Vegetation. Now, note how the g in vegetation is pronounced. It’s said that way because there’s an e after it. But there’s no e in veggan. It’s an a. Therefore, for it to be pronounced the correct way, we need two g’s. Hence veggan. Otherwise it wouldn’t sound like vegetation and the word would be meaningless!!