Man killed by police after calling 911 because his car wasn’t working

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Shouldn’t waste their time with your personal problems. No bump for memeflag.

Bullshit. There's more to the story. Fuck off with your reddlt junk

I am going to assume he was a nigger.
And so I will say: “Good riddance.”

Degenerate clearly driving under the influence, fuck him

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Guy is a fucking faggot retard. People this dumb deserve to be shot and killed. If you are the one to call the cops, then comply with them. He escalated the situation for no reason, now he's dead. Just a waste of tax payers money.
Why did he call the cops in the first place and not a tow truck? His SUV is stuck, it's not an emergency.

Watch the video he got executed
He was white and into geology
He was parling though

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At least post the old. link you gigafaggot

>didn't call AAA
Fucking retard

He was a screeching sperglord retard off his tits on drugs who wouldn't leave the vehicle, wouldnt drop his knife, thinking cops were gonna help him and let him drive away in the state he was in.
I hate cops but I hate faggot druggies more, he got what he deserved.

>Watched the video


>Guy crashes his car, cops assume his on drugs
>Tells 911 operator he has a mallet, knives and a hammer
>He says I smoked.... (Probs weed)
>They stay get out out of the car multiple times and keeps saying his scared, probably high as a kite
>Cops see knife
>Pull guns out
>more cops arrive including female cop
>He refuses to come out, cops say they're trying to help
>He grabs a knife in his hand
>Cops break car window
>Cops scared because knife again in his hands
>He starts screaming like a retard?
>They taze him and he screams like retard (quite funny)
>He still has the knife in his hand
>They shoot him multiple times

And that's it folks, basically if he wasn't a retard and just acted like a normal human being he would be alive.

>He escalated the situation

No, the retard 911 dispatcher escalated by telling the cops his geology equipment was "weapons". Who the fuck even asks if you have weapons on a call about a breakdown/accident?



Oh and his a white onions boy with long hair.

Why the fuck would you even tell the dispatcher you had tools?

Fucker is a retard who wasn't even stuck, that vehicle could of driven out of there just fine, Dude is a druggie who cares.

pigs were in the wrong but it serves him right for calling the police on himself. i call that a wash.
sage all memeflags

It's literally common practice you Reddit retard. Every interaction I've had with the cops, they ask about weapons.
You've never dealt with cops before have you?

Odd how in North America they do this, down here I've never been asked by cops if I got weapons.

>Man killed by police after calling 911 because his car wasn’t working
watch the video
a confused nutcase who refused to get out of the car for 1 hour for no reason and then when they tried to get him out of the car he attacked with knife

police couldve done better but fuck these individuals too

They came up to him and wouldnt let him discard the weapons. They started bashing in his windows and when he asked if he could throw the “weapons” actually just geology equipment out the window they said he couldnt then they told him to get out of the car while they all pointed their guns at him and smashed his other window because he wouldnt step out of the vehicle.

Dude prob legit was terrified imagine you get stuck and call the cops for help and they come in 8 deep with guns drawn cuz they heard you tell the dispatcher geology knives and a geology mallet was in your car

I always lived cops but 6 months ago i got pulled over for a taillight that was out and the cop had his gun drawn on me the whole time

It made no sense i was nice, i had nothing to hide, i had every intent of doing what he asked, and hes like pointing his gun at me for a light that is out. It was such a stressful situation i just kept my hands on the steering wheel

Yer bro, imagine calling the cops then being terrified when they show up. What the fuck was the purpose of this?

He deserved a proper fucking hiding. Every bone in his body broken for being such a fucking retard in charge of a vehicle. Cops took the easy way out.


people dont even fucking know what weed does apparently. Thats like saying “the dude is all hopped up on caffiene he can run a million miles!”

don't forget this wasn't a split decision,it was over an hour of fucking around with this guy trying to NOT have it end this way and just have him get out of the fucking vehicle and cooperate

That's what happens when you hire ex-miltiary as cops. All your police must have PTSD lmao.

Wtf, what are your and the cops race what area is this and what vehicle were u in

thanks, figured it was some obvious "dude didn't simply comply" situation

Yer bro it's not like greening out is a thing. When you're high as fuck you can't even walk straight and think straight.

No dude the guy was like 23 and he looked like someone that should have been like a Any Forums friend i was just like dude wtf why are you pointing a gun at me we legit look like cousins

The weapons should have been on the ground when the cops arrived. The faggot said he would throw them out the window and didn't. I'm glad he's dead now, because it's one less fuckhead who doesn't do what he says he's going to do. Let that be a life lesson to you.

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>Who the fuck even asks if you have weapons on a call about a breakdown/accident?
someone who isn't a retard and can tell when some degenerate tweaker is freaking out

If it was a state trooper, those guys are trained like the military (No fucking idea why).

Your police are fucked, but this situation was retarded and looked to be far more sensible city police or deputies.

If you ever have to call the cops, plan for the contingency that they may turn on you, only call them out to places where you know you can beat them if thi NC s go wrong. Set up traps, hire hobos whatever.

You must be at least 16 to post here.

He was clutching a knife while talking to the cops probably too high to realize what he was doing. The guy couldn't handle his drugs.

Also, to be honest, I know a guy who runs a dispensary, if I smoked half a gram of their most potent shit, I wouldn't trust myself in that interaction either.

No its not like that. Greening out is just a headache and a stomach ache and being tired its not a fucking deleriant or a psychedelic. You dont fucjing get out of your mind when you green out you just get naseaus

You clearly really havent smoked weed

If you thinj weed does this and youve smoked weed it might be that your aussie weed is laced which i would half expect it is since youre not really a weed island

>Magdump the guy
>Taze him
>Magdump him again
Did cops realize that as long the guy isn't black they have a free ticket to just play RL GTA?

they don't unless they have reason to believe you are a danger in some way.
calling the police on yourself for crashing your car while high is something dispatchers won't just ignore

police are such a bunch of useless dickweeds its incredible.
every person complicit in maintaining the status quo of qualified immunity and tax payer funded settlements should be put in a meat grinder yesterday

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>If you thinj weed does this and youve smoked weed it might be that your aussie weed is laced which i would half expect it is since youre not really a weed island

Probably this, it was the worst experience of my life lmao.

He asked to throw them out the window and they said he wasnt allowed to. Thats what got him scared because they wouldnt let him discard the weapons.

You can see it clear as day in the video they tell him “do not throw them out the window, keep your hands up and exit the vehicle”
They made him play simon says like the guy in the hotel. Dude knew the second he put his hand on the door it would be a wrap.

Youre literally condemning a man when you have t even seen the footage yourself

>be me
>no access to bathroom
>go to ally
>notice cop after he clears his throat
>has ticket pad out but he stops
>'sir are you ok?!'
>notice I was pissing blood


TFW instead of ticket I'm driven to hospital ER

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Weed is present in 50% of psychosis cases and you can correlate increased incidences of psychosis and schizophrenia with legalization of weed in areas.

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>Man killed by police after calling 911, saying he has weapons, refusing to cooperate at all and acting like a complete retard psychopath
fixed. And I sometimes even defend niggers from zogbots

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Death to potheads. Nothing of value was lost.

Nah this was nothing like that Vegas shooting, the police here just wanted to separate him from the weapons and that's why they asked him to get out of the car.

>not a fucking deleriant or a psychedelic

Delta 9 thc has strong psycho active effects and cannibis psychosis is a thing. You know why the whole population doesn't smoke weed all day? Turns out they can't tolerate it - it has little to do with your local cannibis laws.

You clearly didnt watch the video

Also clearly youre young if youre saying 16 because the rule is 18

I assume youre 18 or 17 and thats why you think you can kill people for simon says issues

The dude looks like one of us

Youve clearly never had a firearm pointed at you

nice cop

Youre so clearly fucking in high school the fucking rule is 18

No a gram of good shit doesnt mean cops can kill you faggot bootlicker

Oh yea? I can tell you don’t understand what you’re talking about because saying what you just said doesn’t go against what any of us are saying and is just nonsense. What’s it like to have no grasp on logic, conversation, evidence, reality, etc?

>dude weed
Death to potheads like you

>calling the useless pigguhs.
That’s where he dun goofed

The thing with rightwing retards like those on channel 4 is they have absolutely 0 and I truly mean 0 values. You may say you do, and some of you even think you actually do have values, but I assure you you don't. Rights are things that are merely momentary emotions and will change the moment the next emotion overtakes you.

Ah I get it now, you're just an idiot.

Lesson learned: 911 isn't a tow service, lol!

Maybe don't call 911 if your car breaks down.
Also, maybe don't call 911 if you have knives in your car.
Certainly don't pull out the knife once the cops get there!
But maybe the real answer is don't get fucked up on lsd/shrooms and decide to call the cops,lol!

ASSWIPE, the 911 tape recording has him saying he's got his protection crystals and knives to go kill skin-walkers. He was drugged out of his skull, with weapons. Fuck 'em.

>Rights are things that are merely momentary emotions and will change the moment the next emotion overtakes you.
Hold on, we got a big brain in our hands fellas.

Weed psychosis in action ladies and gents.

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I bet there was some ammount of meth or synth cannabinoids in it.

Normal weed isnt even euphoric it just kinda distracts.

If cannabis produces euphoria like alcohol or stimulation, or mania then either your brain is all fucked up or its laced.

Normal weed and even pure cannabinoids the most thats gonna happen is youre gonna feel awkward which the dude prob did feel “they wont let me discard my weapon; they have guns on me, all i needed was vehicle help, how fid i discard the tools without getting shot, theyll shoot me if i move too fast.

Dude finish highschool

I did see the footage. He deserved what he got.

* shouldn't have been high behind the wheel of a car
*was mentally ill and shouldn't have been behind the wheel of a car
* wouldn't follow lawful orders to get out of the car, leading to the escalation of circumstances.
* wouldn't wind the window down
* had every chance to already be out of the car before the police arrived.
* acted suspiciously from the start of the phone call to police until his death

FUCK HIM. He dropped the ball. He dropped his guard on life. He relaxed. Now his car can be sold off to some nigger for peanuts.

Is the cop a fucking idiot? He can clearly see that the guy is high as fuck and possibly mentally ill. How does threatening him and pulling a fucking gang help?

I've been around a lot of stoners in my 50 years of life on Earth. I've smoked everything from cheap Mexican brick weed, to hundreds a gram specialty exotic shit. Never seen anyone act that retarded from just regular weed.

Death to alocohol consumers that hate weed smokers for not sunbling in public and remembering everything thats happened

Yeah how dare people mind their own business!

Yeah he escalated it by grabbing a knife, brandishing the knife, and he even starts to cut his own throat. This retarded ducking zoomers got what he asked for. Never call the fucking cops. This kid was clearly a fucking pants on head schizo from the gay state of Colorado. No one there is normal and they all act like this retard.


Because the cop is also terrified and mentally ill

Both the cops and the guy in the car acted completely retarded. It could've been solved without shooting him, though.

You are the retard here. Give Weed psychosis a look in any search engine. Know a person who smoked for 5 years daily then suddenly had a psychotic weed breakdown. Still isn't completely herself.

>have breakdown
>call cops instead of some car towing shit
>surprised they ask if you have weapons

Tbh its not even as strong as tobacco. Even tobacco will effect motor control and induce euphoria and somnolence. Cannabis is just kinda like; vaguely funny.

you forgot the part where u explain why he needed to be shot - ur sadistic preference is irevelant bot

Really, after trying 2 less-than lethal methods to disarm him?

I would have shot the fucker 30 minutes in out of pure frustration. People like that don't deserve the time.

You are wrong. The weed today is highly psychoactive and intense. Weed is a mile form of acid and a hallucinogen.
The problem is already schizo retards like this kid and his probably equally stupid crystal worshipping family, amuse and abuse weed like it's some miracle drug. It's a recreational drug used to escape reality. And some people can't even handle that.

Nobody cares about white trash getting killed by the cops.

Also slide thread.

Lay off the tea, it’s done you no favors. You come off like a paranoid asshole kek