Why are collectors always leftist?

Every single guy i know who collects toys, action figures, records, movies, vhs tapes etc is extremely left wing, some of them even give off antifa vibes. Others have open marriages and smoke weed all day. How did collecting become associated with left wing ideology?

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And nazi memorabilia?

What about guns?

>tfw no state china of the 3rd reich collection

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He already covered "cucks" under people with open marriages

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>And nazi memorabilia?
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>What about guns?

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I've never met a leftist silver hoarder

I collect tools, to the point it is a problem.

According to Puppet Master the movie, it’s a aJewish hobby.


I collect music.
Need to build a NAS but I'm fucking shit at it, it scares me.

It depends on what's being collected. Leftists collect children's stuff like action figures and comics because deep down they're immature, look at how they constantly feel the need to compare complicated politics to their favorite adolescent fiction.
I used to collect Pokemon cards and Star Wars figures, now I can only say I collect guns, records and military/historical memorabilia. I'm a poorfag though so hardly a big "collection."

they're easily persuaded people

Collectivism is leftism.

same bro same, what you got?

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I have almost a manga library at home and I'm Integralist, but yeah, it's much more common for collectors in general to be leftists. I don't know why.

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Brit user, you really are asking why are toy collectors left leaning, as evidenced by your picture. That requires a grown ass man spending wages on them. Now consider the political implications: do you think that guy has lower testosterone and is more likely to be leftist? Consider gun collectors (you’re so fucked up over there you probably can’t fathom this concept) now. What ideology do you think they subscribe to? It’s not a collection thing, it is a question of what, what does this grown ass man spend money on?

I dont know about that. I had a friend who collected nerd stuff and smoked weed but he was anti-feminism, voted Brexit and was getting more incel pilled and right wing as time went on.

The only person I know that collects these things is very conservative.

LOL imagine being that much of a pathetic faggot.


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I collect anime figures and I'm right wing

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I'm expecting physical media to increasingly become an old fashioned and therefore right-wing thing. By contrast the left is aligned with centralized digitization and censoring/reworking media.

I collect guns, fishing stuff, tools, gardening equipment, chickens. Etc. Every human collects. Niggers collect shoes and weed. Thank about it