I hope Kyle is aware that she was brutally gangraped in Egypt

I hope Kyle is aware that she was brutally gangraped in Egypt

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she said something and she was cancelled. it was soon after the beg of ukr-russ war. i don't remember what she said.

Who is that
Backstory NOW mutt

Does kyle have kleinfelter? Almost looks ftm like a dyke

Who do you think was doing the raping?

Dam she got fat

they have small dicks so she probably didn't feel much. also she should have sued her news network for millions for not offering protection/security.

Lara Logan

Kyle is just practicing with a slut till he finds the right waifu

Now that she had been broken he'll probably get some.

>e-celebrity gossip!

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He's thinking if 20 sang niggers can hit that, why cant I?

Lara answered the call

That's not an adequate backstory memeflag

The one in the pic with Kyle is his mom, not Logan. OP is a fag and also a virgin too weak to even rape a woman.

If only there was a function built into the site that'd answer both those questions.

many such cases

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No she wasn't. And she's a real woman, unlike you.

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That bitch hit the wall hard

You’re so stupid and used to parroting the same bullshit that you don’t realize both of these people are famous in real life. Not ecelebrities.

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This one's cute. You wouldn't happen to have the guy on the left's hairy moldy sweaty stretched asshole would you?