lol check out these blatant shills on /k/
>how do you do fellow 4channelers, isn't drumpf a threat to our democracy?
What can be done about the shill problem?

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Nothing can be done. The reason why k became like this is because it got filled with unironic fbi niggers. Real question is why are they using Any Forums. Obnoxious faggots.

>What can be done about the shill problem?
Nothing if we continue to believe that "free speech" is a conservative principle. Free speech simply doesn't work. You have to police the space, both to protect from shills and also retards. I'd call it "weeding the garden." Look at this place - it's literally ruined because no one defended it. The shills just moved in, wormed their way into jannie spots, and took over the board, and once the normies came the retards drown everything else out and it's not even worth coming here anymore. Free speech is literally retarded. Heckler's veto is real & retards (~80% of the pop) are wrecking balls who have to controlled.

(you're one of the retards)

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/k/ use to be my main board. It is now unreadable due to constant fucking shilling. It will be a thread about something like "M14 use in vietnam" and within 3 posts the shills are in there spamming about muh russia bad jewkraine gud.

I hate them so fucking much.

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My own free speech which allows only me to talk freely is based

Narrative management is the name of the game, buddy. They have to keep manufacturing consent for their forever wars. "We've always been at war with Eurasia"

>asks question
>gets answer that triggers his NPC liberal
>gets upset
You're literally subhuman


The only upset here is you, nigger.

only one*
Also, call me a liberal again, and I'll literally fucking kill you and your entire family.

You're a retarded faggot

You're literally a liberal. Supporting free speech is the fundamental liberal position that allows them to begin subverting retarded normies with their lies

terminal directionbrain, very similar to terminal niggerbrain. you've been mindkiked to the core; there's no saving you.

You're literally retarded. And probably a kike

>n-no y-you're a kike
lol, thanks for bumping my thread to top of the "last reply" catalog, buddy, keep 'em coming. : )

You're literally a retarded kike. Btw this kike has not made a single argument. Just started calling me a retard for stating a dissident right 101 enlightenment rejection position. Total kike move.

>muh right
>muh left
kek, this brainless retard just can't move beyond those terms. very sad.

You're LITERALLY a retarded kike

Because I refuse to partake in jewish divide and conquer tactics? Right vs left is meaningless. The only thing that matters is the (((ruling class))) vs everyone else. That's true in literally every single country on the planet.