Your values vs globohomo

My bully in secondary school has turned into a tranny because of daddy issues (no father abusive step father) and was really into it when I flirted with him at uni class.
I don't want to be gay since he's a tranny and while he does look good (he was attractive back then for a guy) the idea of creaming inside my former bully now turned sissy and hearing him moan really gets the noggin joggin.

What do

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well first you're wanna go get HIV from a dirty nigger
then, and only then should you go pump your former bully's asshole full of your semen

You're Fucking insane. Seek help or kys.

you weren’t meant to breed so what matters

Eat shit

It's like your boss at work leans over a standing desk to look at the AC wiring blueprints and you're suprised to suddenly be overwhelmed with a desire to commit homosexual anal rape on his ass sticking out when you've never had homosexual thoughts before in 45 years of your life. Odd no?

Break him Op. You want to do it so just do it. It is revenge for all the pain he caused you earlier


Do it.
Just imagine his squeals of pleasure as you pinch his little bitch nipples, cupping his hrt tits whilst deep inside his tight hole that clenches your cock tight with every thrust. Imagine all the pain and suffering he cause you as you completely erase his identity into nothing more than a cocksleeve, feeling his long hair through your fingers holding down his little twig neck like a vice.

alright... damn... clown world

Nobody cares about your faggotry

if you were bullied by a normalfag NPC it means that society has rejected your genes, friend. Either become an academicuck drone or kill yourself. Society has zero empathy for humans that are failures. If I were you I'd prepare for when society will send Killer NPCs to your doorstep.

Did you get bullied by a fucking loser? The only tranny I know was a greasy long haired, socially awkward kid whos father was in prison and his mum was batshit insane, he got bullied all through out secondary school.

Did you get bullied by one of these user?

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Hello out of touch millennial loser who lives with his mother.
In zoomer secondary school, you get bullied for being racist or anti fag.
You don't understand zoomer dynamics at all. Fellow "whites" are the biggest pieces of shit too, orbiting the shitskins and following their every command. Basically racial simps, as if roastie simps weren't enough.
Cucked cursed island.

I'm a old zoomer from a multiracial city you fucking retard. Though the teachers would punish people who bullied fags or laughed at them it still happened. And yeah there were multiracial friend groups in secondary school but they were quite rare, most people just hung out with other white people

And no fucking chad is going to bully you for calling someone a faggot, only the teachers and females care about that.

Bullshit. No one fucking bullied or laughed at fags or shitskins, they laughed and bullied racists or anti fag, which is why you hide your power level
Chad? What fucking Chad there's no such thing. The closest you get to that stereotype is some 20 year old gangbanger who sells drugs and drives the schoolgirls in his BMW after school for head. The sportsfags are the most cucked, especially the white ones, and the whites orbit shitskins, not lead them.

Racists yeah, but never homophobic people. My school was full of muzzies so that much is granted.

London school? Maybe it's just london muzzies that are fags now cause that's where I was

"old zoomer" lmao look at this fucking pajeet boys

Average bong post

Do it lmao

Seek Christ before it is too late, degenerate.

>What do
just do it one time for the experience, just dont tell anyone. Ive creampied a number of troons

AIDS is a result of constant drug and alcohol use that damages the immune system to the point that HIV a very benign and otherwise undetectable virus can wreak havok.

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Nah Bristol


dew it, this clown world is beyond redemption, have a laugh

What's it like?

You want to get revenge on your bully by pleasuring him? Either cocktease him or rape him

Do it and report back here. Also do you have a picture of your bully?

I dunno, rope might be a good idea if you don't have access to firearms

Why is there so many goddamn faggots on this site?

either bully him back into a man, or get the monkeypox and die