I'm going to dump these immigrants!

>I'm going to dump these immigrants!
>In Miami?
>No in Martha's Vineyard

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>haha in California right?

>I'm going to dump these immigrants!
>In Boston?
>No in Martha's Vineyard

>in texas?

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>shilling for a jewish pedophile
shitty forced meme that will never catch on
learn to not be gay op if you aren't on Sam's payroll, which you probably are

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it's just like the holocaust and jew ghetto

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Screenshots can be faked with right click + inspect element. There is no tangible proof of her age in those pictures anywhere in that image.

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here comes this fag

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Coming from a snipdick who shills for jewkraine, the state of you.

I might dump two migrants
I might dump three migrants
I might dump four migrants
I might dump five migrants

Experts have weighed in, watch it user!

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Letting them walk right through the border to never be heard from again also violates federal law. It also only matters if you can enforce it. Hopefully Florida secedes over this.

We're they locked in the bus or could they have asked the bus and stop at any time?

I do love seeing the left refer to the transportation of illegals as human trafficking when Biden is bussing illegals to small towns all over america... of course those are towns full of working class whites so it's ok.

per the constitution, only the federal government may regulate immigration and deport people. moving those people to a different state is perfectly legal

desantis was an assistant us attorney and a jag officer, so they're gonna have a fun time trying to out maneuver him legally

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human trafficking is a crime! user!

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I'm gonna dump one illegal.
I'm gonna dump one illegal,
I'm gonna dump two illegals,
I'm gonna dump three illegals,
I'm gonna dump five illegals,
Fibonaci's migration !

sam isnt good but who cares about marky when shes been a public fucktruck going to whatever r9k guy promises her the most money through her love of publicity even stooping so low for brazil. all of the r9k waifufag cucks should get gassed

sam's a narcissist but if he is funny sometimes i like him. still wont buy any of his shit

I can't wait for the point where states literally say "fuck you" to the feds when breaking their bullshit laws. I'm so tired of this clown world. Bring on CW2 or balkanization. I hate the feds.

At least it’s a girl

yeah exact, hes a funny mentally ill guy who abuses sluts. I don't see what's wrong with that

Giving free bus rides and plane rides isn't going to discourage illegal immigration.
It's going to have the opposite effect.

Desantis went full retard.

No it's not legal.
They're in the country illegally.
Desantis engaged in aiding and abetting.